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Saturday, October 3, 2015

playlist for Oct. 3

song, artist / CD

The Pilgrimage (into chaos), Handful of Luvin’
Out of Egypt ... I shake the dirt from my sandals as I run, Sufjan Stevens
Les Nababs, Samarabalouf
What is love?, Deee-lite / World clique
Rubber lover, Deee-lite / Infinity within
Oh love feat. Aya Nereo & the Polish Ambassador, Wildlight / Hers was as thunder
Just like heaven
, the Cure
Happy animals, The Framix / Happy animals
Everything’s coming our way, Santana, b. 1947
Mercedes Benz, Joan Baez b. 1941
Leader of the pack, Shangri-la’s
Whole lotta love, Dread Zeppelin / Best of the IRS years
Better together, Jack Johnson b. 1975
This bitter earth, Dinah Washington, 1924 1963
Sonatine bureaucratique, Erik Satie, 1866 – 1925
Isketayo sewow, Buffy Sainte-Marie / Native American Child
I love the nightlife, Alicia Bridges, b. 1953
Tom’s diner, Suzanne Vega, b. 1959
Bomb the world, Michael Franti, b. 1966
Genius of love, The Tom tom Club
Fools gold (top won mix), Stone Roses
Wolf Creek Pass, C. W. McCall b. 1928 / American Spirit b. 1975
Kuar, Emmanuel Jal, b. 1980
No no keshagesh, Buffy Sainte-Marie / Running for the drum

Saturday, September 19, 2015

playlist for Sep. 19

song, artist / CD

Ciencia ancestral, Iemanjo
Ayahuasca deep fall, Gaudi / The Remixes
Ami-oh, African Connection
L’argent appelle l’argent, Pamelo Mounk'a / L'essentiel
Your mama’s broken heart, April Moore & the Ranch Party
So Hum home, Twango Macallan
Family felony, Camo Cowboys
Breadcrumbs, Handful of Luvin’
Look to the left, Anne Feeney
Koala bear infestation, Mitch Hedberg
The flower of Australia, Holly Tannen
Change my name to Bill, Nicolas Iris / World bridger
La main verte, Tryo
Hotel California, Gipsy Kings
Negative vibes, Damien Dempsey
Let's adopt the GOP's Platform, Jim Hightower
The journey, Tom Misch
Black dog, Led Zeppelin
Kuar (H. Schwarz rmx), Emmanual Jal
Blessed, Brett Dennen
Breathless, Tangled up in blue
When I grow up, The Human Experience
I saw your shoes waltz across America, Cowboy Junkies

Saturday, September 5, 2015

playlist for Sep. 5

song, artist / CD

The velvet slide, Shiny objects
Eh Mustapha, Hamsa Lila
The weather episode, Crowded House vs. Dr. Dre & Snoop Dog
Problem feat. The T-Tones, Postmodern Jukebox   
Working for the government remix, A Tribe Called Red
Kodaikanal won’t, Sofia Ashraf :: info about the video
Postitive herb, Niyorah / A different age
Cultural wars I, Groundation
Julian’s in prison, Holly Tannen
I got the feeling, Boogaloo Investigators
Sloth’s revenge, Dirty Heads / Home - Phantoms of summer
Where would you go, The Sweet Hurt
Nashville wimmin, Waylon Jennings
Nashville cats, Lovin’ Spoonful / Hums of the Lovin' Spoonful
Ripple, Grateful Dead
Spanish caravan, The Doors
Taxi to Baltimore dub, The Scientist / Scientific dub
Pity the nation, Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Wild cat, Ratatat / Classics
Colony, Damien Dempsey / They don’t teach this shit in school
Reggablues, Anis (Fr., Alg.)

Sunday, August 16, 2015

playlist for Aug. 15

song, artist / CD

Lightning crashes, Live / Throwing copper
Citizen, Trinity Roots
Blueberry yum yum, Ludacris / Red light district
Nightcrawlers, Saqi
The geek shall inherit the earth, Holly Tannen / 3 songs ...
Stay strong: a love song to freedom fighters, Bree Newsome
Ain’t got no, Nina Simone / Miss Simone: The Hits
Talkin’ about a revolution, Tracey Chapman
The revolution starts now, Steve Earle
Elijah rock (shout shout!), Earl Thomas / Plantation songs
Music video orchestra, Omodaka
Funu, Dennis Ferrer / Afrotech
Love explosion, Dry and Heavy
Casey Jones, Grateful Dead
Party on, Damien Dempsey
Flowers for Zoë, Lenny Kravitz
Redneck ridge, Glenn Warren
Desgarrada des amigos, Grandes Fados, Tasco do Jaime
The spider and the fly, Sylvia Herold + the Rhythm Bugs
Angel, Sarah McLachlan
One of these nights (remix), the Eagles

Saturday, July 18, 2015

playlist for July 18

song, artist / CD

Capoeira Do Brasil, Sérgio Mendes
Fanfarra cabua-le-le, Sérgio Mendes / Brasileiro
unknown Ethiopian music (special thanks to Scott Kender)
Moonwalk away, Goldfish / Three second memory
Working for the Gov’t feat. Buffy Sainte-Marie, A Tribe called Red
Come along mate (watch porn with me), The Plane / Longhorns
Pleasant Valley Sunday, the Monkees
Ciencia ancestral, Iemanjo
El camino, Jean Piel / Dharmas - Bokaye
Sailing, Christopher Cross / Forever
Right place wrong time, Dr. John
Diamonds and rust, Joan Baez and Judy Collins
Mr. Boogie man, Boombox / Down river electric
Rapture, Blondie
Flower police, Camo Cowboys
Rope on fire, Morphine
Thank you Jah, Bob Marley
Wagawaga, Freedom Mode
Handsome devil, Angel and the Devils / Lose control
Sudden death, Megadeth
What’s up, 4 Non Blondes / Bigger, better, faster, more

Saturday, July 4, 2015

playlist July 4

song, artist / CD

The Velvet slide, Shiny Objects
Roadhouse blues, the Doors
Riders on the storm (Pink solidism), Yonderboi
Am I sexy, Lords of Acid / Greatest T*ts
Light of the king, Sennid
New speedway boogie (Grateful Dead), rmx: Beats Antique
Working for the government, Buffy St. Marie, rmx: A Tribe called Red
Talking union, Almanac Singers
America, Simon & Garfunkel / Bookends
Pearl necklace, ZZ top / El Loco
Rapper’s delight, Sugarhill Gang
Coastal brake, Tycho / Dive
Trini dem girls, Nikki Minaj
Lakes of Pontchartrain, Be Good Tanyas
Watching the river flow
, Sin City Band
Lips like sugar, Echo and the Bunnymen
Forever, Chris Brown / Forever
Happy birthday, Jimi Hendrix
WWJD, Julie Wittner & Ryan Smith
L’Accordéoniste, Edith Piaf

Saturday, June 20, 2015

playlist for June 20

song, artist / CD

Free Tibet, Hilight Tribe / Love medicine and natural trance
Crazy, Brother / As you were
Executioner’s song, Huetensil
Llama, Monareta
Al Maria, Grandes Fados / Tasca do Jaime
Burrito, Yerba Buena
The velvet slide, Shiny objects / the Velvet slide
Gate (pron. GAH-tay) Mantra, Thos. Ashley-Farrand / Beginner’s Guide to Mantras
Torture, Richard Einhorn / Voices of light
Je hais les dimanches, Edith Piaf / The Passion of Edith Piaf
Love loves to love love, Lulu / To Sir with love
Marijuana, Kid Cudi / Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager
Fathers’ day, Rico Pabon
Sleep, Godspeed you! Black Emperor / Lift your skinny fists like antennae to heaven
Ahava yeshana, Omar Faruk Tekbilek
Radioactive, Lindsey Stirling & Pentatonix / PTX vols. 1 & 2
Werewolves of London, Warren Zevon
Tamino & the Temple of the Dub, Gaudi / In between times
Excerpt: Kerry Reynolds interviews Dr. Dominic Corva, on Cannabis Consciousness
Foul Owl, Boomer & Travis / In the Heat of the Night  (soundtrack) 
The Chain of obedience
Day tripper, Lulu
Blofonyobi wo atale, Psychedelic Aliens / Psycho African Beat