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Saturday, December 15, 2012

playlist for Dec. 15

song, artist / CD

An artist prayer, Fertile ground / Black is ...
Soul purpose, Nightmares of wax / In a space outta sound
Queen vs. Satan, DJ Lobster Dust
Would that not be nice, Divine Fits / A thing called divine fits
Pushing blocks, Rhombus
Sunshine, Matisyahu
Hietsuki bushi, Omodaka
Music video orchestra, Omodaka
Ding, Seeed
Sunman, Animal Eyes
You're not alone, Olive
Knights of shame, Awolnation / Megalithic symphony
Let me clear my throat, DJ Kool
Telegraph Rd., Dire Straits
Devon, Grimes
Family Felony rmx, Dj Ignite feat. Camo Cowboys
Dog days are over, Florence and the Machine
Moving, Macaco

Saturday, December 1, 2012

playlist for Dec. 1

song, artist / CD

Would that not be nice, Divine Fits
Furnace room lullaby, Neko Case
Surrender to love, Sr. Monica Parker / Can't keep a good woman down
Sullen sultry, Ill Esha and Dewey DB / Circadian
Remember this, Flying Pickets
Rain rain, Tara Linda / Torch and Sass
Trickle trickle, Manhattan Transfers
My best friend, Queen
El Microfono, Instituto Mexicano del Sonido / Piñata
Dig Lazarus dig, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
In the year 2525, Zagar and Evans
Mutha'uckas, Flight of the Conchords
Ring my bell, Anita Ward
Give peace a chance, John Lennon
No ordinary love, Deftones
Just got paid today, ZZ Top
Sound of da Police, KRS ONE
Boogie woogie bugle boy, Bette Midler
Love the one you're with, Isley Brothers
Morning has broken, Cat Stevens
The most beautiful girl (in the room), Flight of the Conchords
Modern Love, David Bowie
Pole flip, Nicolas Iris
The song, Nicholas Eyeris

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Playlist for Nov. 17

song, artist / CD

West coast Lo-Fi rides again, Bassnectar
Shame, Evelyn Champagne King
Alger Alger, Les Orientales
Dig Lazarus dig, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Lido Shuffle, Boz Scaggs
Que bonita es esta vida, Jorge Celedon
I can't go for that, Les Go / Cover the world
I'll take you there, the Staple Singers
Recession stomp, Tara Linda / Torch and sass 
Love bites, Def Leopard
Mah nam mah na, the Muppets
Bird's lament, Moondog
Snake in the grass, Junkyard Empire / Acts of humanity, vol. 1 & 2
Jique, Brazilian Girls / Talk to La Bomb
Mezmin, Animal Eyes
Teqkilla, MIA feat. Nicki Minaj
Gold on the ceiling, the Black Keys
Hey nineteen, Steely Dan 
For youth, Coast Jumper / Grand opening
Business time, Flight of the Conchords
Humboldt time, Spring Canyon Band
Stayin alive, by the Bee Gees
Midnight express, Nuno Bettencourt / Waiting for the punchline
Elephant power, MC Yogi
Under the sensi, Barrington Levi
Strangers on a train, Lovage
Delirious, Prince
Modern prophit, Nicholas Eyeris / Synchroneyes Symbols
Eh Mustafa, Hamsa Lila

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Playlist for Nov. 3

This was a very special Fun Drive edition of What It Is, with the entire show given over to a live performance by the band from Portland, Oregon known as Animal Eyes.

Their website is here. While you're at their website, listen to their song Grizzly Bear.

And there's a ton more information about the boys at

Saturday, October 20, 2012

playlist for Oct. 20

song, artist / title

Don't follow the guru, Ganga Giri
Jolene, Dolly Parton
Lasers n Lesbians, Diego's Umbrella
Never never gonna give you up, Lisa Stansfield
Summer rains, Ditty Bops
This must be the place, Meklit Hadero & Quinn DeVeaux
Spying glass, Massive attack
Noam Chomsky [on terrorism], Propagandhi
Noam Chomsky, the Horsies / Trouble down south
Grizzly bear, Animal Eyes
I can't get next to you, Al Green
You don't know how it feels, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
What American English sounds like to non-English speakers, Adrian Celentano
Rush hour, George Duke & Billy Cobham at the Montreal Jazz Festival
So. Hum. home, Twango Macallan / Twango Macallan
Push it (DJ Tonka remix), Salt n Pepa
Revolutionary tea party, Lillian Allen
Sing, Ian Taylor / Soundcloud: DreamsEntwined
Recession stomp, Tara Linda / Torch & sass
Spirit in the sky, Norman Greenbaum
(Return I will to old) Brazil, the Real Tueday Weld
Your mother should know, Beatles
Family felony, Camo Cowboys
Modern man, George Carlin

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Playlist for Oct. 6

song, artist / CD

Voices of Africa, African tribal orchestra / African street party
Chip n Dave lost in the city, Dave Chappelle / Killin’ em softly
Gold on the ceiling, Black Keys
Appelknyckarjazz (Apple stealing jazz), Movits
Summer rains, Ditty Bops / Summer rains
Arati lijo, Joss Jaffe / Dub mantra
Humboldt wassail, Holly Tannen / Rime of the ancient matriarch
Mack the knife, Bobby Darrin
Miracles, Jefferson Airplane
People say a lot, Carly Simon / This kind of love
Pleasures of the harbor, Phil Ochs
DJ Simon does Alabama
Chip didn’t even know he couldn’t race, Dave Chappelle / Killin’ em softly
Super monkey collider, Onion radio news
Flower police, Camo Cowboys
I saw this when I was a rookie, Dave Chappelle / Killin’ em softly
HandgunsGreensky Bluegrass

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Playlist for Sep. 15

song, artist / CD

Philadelphia freedom, Elton John
Didi, Cheb Khaled
Blind spot, Katchafire and the Black Seeds
Rainbow warrior love in this club, w/ Usher & Coco Rosy; Leilos
Blue moon, The Kills
Liefde liefde, Tourist
Get silly, Salvador Santana
Long as i can see the light, Ted Hawkins
Fader, the Temper Trap
Cross roads, Loose Gravel
If 60s were 90s, Beautiful people w/ Jimi Hendrix
Trippin' on down, Brothers Comatose
Cheeba cheeba, Tone Loc
Pink Solidism, Yonderboi / Backroads Honking, with Billy and dougie T
Limbe, S-Tone Inc.
Cultural assertion - Ruff message, Randall Jones / Cultural Assertion
LGBT (got your back), Yogoman Burning Band / Beam me up! (2010)
Fever, Bette Midler
Ragupati, Joss Jaffe
On and on, Claire Ludwig
Bread crumbs, Handful of Luvin' / Life in between

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Playlist for Sep. 1

song, artist / CD

Blue moon, the Marcells
Yo, Bassnectar
Blue moon, Billie Holliday
Change my name to Bill, Nicolas Iris / WorldBridger
Bad moon rising, Creedence Clearwater Revival
Respectness, Seeed
Sunshine, by Matisyahu
Blue Moon, the Kills
Ohmm, The Bitter Suite
Werewolves of London, Warren Zevon / Excitable Boy
Good morning sunshine, Quasimoto
Rave on, Buddy Holly
My friend, Groove Armada
Fire on the mountain, Marshall Tucker Band
Do what you like, Blind Faith
I am resistance, Rico Pabon
Soledad, Chavela Vargas
The Israelites, Desmond Dekker and the Aces
Moana, Resonance / Organic Dance Didjeridu
Moon song, Ma Muse / All the way
The Flower of Australia, Holly Tannen3 songs for Julian & his friends
Violet fire one, Astarius / Spirit Rap
Rave on, M. Ward
Long live Palestine, LowKey
Gaza calling, Checkpoint 303
My Sharona, the Knack
Putin has pissed himself, Pussy Riot
Legalize it rmx Groove Corp, UB 40 / Remixes fm the Elephant House
Do your thing, Basement Jaxx / Rooty
Bewitched, Rufus Wainwright
Dil Ruba, Shabaz
On and on, Claire Ludwig / Dharmas Bokaye

This longer playlist is thanks to DJ Rubes who let me play for a whole 'nother hour!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Playlist for Aug. 22

The following playlist was broadcast during All you need is love,
normally hosted by DJ Cindiana Jones, Wednesdays from 6 to 8 am Pacific time.

song, artist / CD

Urban Buddhism, Monjes Budistas / Sakya Tashi Ling
El Camino, Jean Piel / Dharmas Bokaye
Afrika (Toto), Tukuleur / Cover the world, Putumayo
Bill and Ben, the Flower Pot Men
Factory farm, Didjworks / Didgeridoo trance dance
Funu, Dennis Ferrer / Afrotech
Kebab connection, feat. Cloud Tissa; Dunkelbunt
Yaa mulemau, Joe Arroyo
Hello Marylou, Ricky Nelson
Walking after midnight, Kentucky Head Hunters
Jennifer Juniper, Donovan
Non, je ne regrette rien, Edith Piaf
Tudo Bem, Trio Mocotó / Samba Rock
Legalize it, Groove Corp remix of the UB-40 cover of the Peter Tosh classic!
Brain damage, Dr. Israel / Dub side of the moon
Joy, Apollo 100
If I were a whale, Antonia Lamb / Banjo grandma
Modern love, David Bowie / Let's dance
Impromptu #4 in A flat, by Schubert; performed by Mitsuko Uchida
Diamonds on the soles of her shoes, Paul Simon (co-written by Joseph Shabalala) / Graceland
Ena Akhiyan Noo, Nusrat Fateh Ali Kkan / Dub Qawwali
Gitarzan, Ray Stevens

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Playlist for Aug. 4

Funu, Dennis Ferrer / Afrotech
Golden Path, Chemical Bros feat Flaming Lips
Marcha atrás, Kinky
Ena Akhiyan Noo, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Gaudi / Dub Qawwali
Streamside, The Album Leaf
Thinkin' about you, Frank Ocean
Battle Cry, Welfare Poets
Reggae got soul, Toots and the Maytalls
Black muddy river, the Grateful Dead
Watch the sun come up, Example
Toss me like a pizza, Antonia Lamb / Carry me away
SoHum Home, Twango Macallan
Born to fly, MC Yogi / Pilgrimage
A little less conversation, rmx Junkie XL
Fuego, Bomba Estéreo
Who's afraid of Detroit?, Claude von Stroke
Salma ya salama, Dalida
One, U2
Look to the left of your dial, Anne Feeney
Love train, the O'Jays

Friday, August 3, 2012

Playlist for June 16 (co-host Séamus O'Moore)

song, artist / CD

Spill the wine, B-Side Players / Movement
Serbian house mix kolo, Balkan Beat Box
Watch the sun come up, Example / Won't go quietly
Summer rains, Ditty Bops / Summer rains
Everybody's free, Rosala
People in the box, Getuyoubishoushitu / Bird hotel
Deer in the headlights, Owl city / All things bright and beautiful
Bustelo, Ratatat / Ratatat
Tenere taqqim tossam, Tinariwen / Tassili
No one else, Breanne Duren / Sparks
Culture and native, African tribal orch. / African dream lounge, v. 2
Sally, Gogol Bordello / Underdog world strike
You sexy thing, Hot Chocolate
Sing for the day, Styx / Pieces of eight
Tillamook county jail, Todd Snider / East Nashville skyline
Basang-basa sa Ulan, Aegis / Halik
The Creel man, Saltfish 40
Hearts safe, Tenth avenue north / The light meets the dark
I wish you, Capsule / Player
Satan army band, Black Uhuru / Black sounds of freedom
The earth is yours, Gungor / Beautiful things
Curse in reverse, Backwordz Medicine
Hemp hemp hooray!, the Hemptones

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Playlist for May 19

song, artist / CD

Revolutionary Tea Party, dub poet Lillian Allen
Baila me, Gypsy Kings
No stopping for nicotine, Deep Dish / George is on
Funu, Dennis Ferrer / Afrotech
Supafunkadholic, Delhi to Dublin / D2D remixed
Breathe, Telepopmusik
Here I come, Barrington Levi
Zonza, Fredy Massamba
Lucky Strike, Vim Dicta
Hemp hemp hooray, relegalize today; Hemptones
Wish you were here
Believe, Cher
Wild about you baby, Joe Bonamassa
Learn to fly, Foo fighters / Ultimate best
Dizzy Duck, John Trudell
Altered boy, Jimmy Buffett
Take the long way home, Supertramp
Everybody's free, Rosala
Seven cities, Solar Stone

Monday, May 7, 2012

Playlist for May 5

song, artist / CD

A donde van los muertos, Kinky / Reina
Revolutionary tea party, Lillian Allen
On the prowl, Walter "Wolfman" Washington / Louisiana Spice
Breakin' all the rules, Synrgy / Live in Love
Pollution, Bachaco / Summer tour 2010
Yamama, Mohammed Kemoko Sano / Master of the forest
King of the world, Steely Dan / Countdown to ecstasy
Tricky little ways, the NPK / The current
Put it on again, Bob Marley rmx Groove Corp. / Remixes from the elephant house
Village green, Boujie Boujie
Gypsy woman, Crystal Waters
Who's the terrorist, DAM
Look into my eyes, Outlandish / Ukendt
Everything's all right, Jesus Christ Superstar (soundtrack)
Stay in bed, forget the rest; Deee-Lite
Forward, Chris Gilles / Catharsis
Hit the road Jack, Mo'Horizons / Cover the world
Culture and native, African Tribal Orchestra / African Dream Lounge, v. 2
Ray ray, Fat Freddy's Drop / Based on a true story
Sleep tight my love, Music Folk
Henry collapsed, Dylan Trees

Monday, April 23, 2012

Playlist for Apr. 21

song, artist / CD

Cançion protesta, Aterciopelados
Humboldt time, Spring Canyon Band
Pole flip, Nicolas TwoFeathers Iris
Tainted love, Gloria Jones
Emitiendo, Macaco
Collard greens and snails, Antonia Lamb
Shut your eyes, Snow Patrol

Live from Studio B: nine songs by Music Folk
1 Glory bound
2 Take a look
3 Humbly
4 We are home
5 Missing pieces
6 The sacred flame
7 When will you learn
8 Fiddle hill
9 Sleep tight my love

Matadjem Yinmixan, Tinwariwen / Aman Iman
Non, je ne regrette rien, Edith Piaf
Hillbilly hula girl, Junior Brown
Irish, La Fuente & Funk D

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Playlist for Apr. 7

Tangaroa, Uekaha Taane Tinorau
Good feelin', Flo Rida
54-46 was my number, Toots & the Maytalls
B-Movie, Lali Puna / Faking the books
Hilltop Hermit, Alcyon Massive
Clapping song for grown-ups, Nancy White / Gaelic Envy
Wanna wanna, Marvin Pontiac (aka John Lurie) / Legendary Marvin Pontiac
Sacred Stones, Sheila Chandra / Moonsung
French taunter, Monty Python
Illegal Smile, John Prine
Times are tough, Spring Canyon Band / Times are tough
Dil Ruba, Shabaz
Planet Claire, B-52s
Hemp hemp hooray, relegalize today!, the Hemptones
All my friends, Peeping Thomas
Humboldt time, Spring Canyon Band / Times are tough
Hocus Pocus, Focus
Have you been to jail for justice?, Anne Feeney
Henry collapsed, Dylan trees
Keep on dancin', No doubt
World hold on, Bob Sinclar

Sunday, March 25, 2012

World Beat - 25 Mar 2012

song, artist / CD

African odyssey, Delhi to Dublin
The good leaf, Seun Kuti / From Africa with fury: rise
Alger, Alger; Les Orientales / Acoustic Arabia
Parisien du nord, Cheb Mami
Overland blues, Yoshida Brothers / III
Signal, Cutie Pai
Tangaroa, Uekaha Taane Tinorau / Ka Mate Haka
Moving, Macaco
Somos luz, Macaco
Give him cornbread, Beau Jocque & the Zydeco hi-rollers
Salaam shalom rmx Cheb i Sabbah, MJ Greenmountain
Shalom shalom, Noa
Thom karuvil irunthom, Shankar Mahadevan
Refavela, Angelique Kidjo / Black ivory soul
Mwen malad aw, Kassav
Diamonds on the soles of her shoes, Ladysmith Black Mambazo / LBM & Friends
Por ejemplo (escondido), Afromassive / Live at the Red Fox Tavern
Dil ruba, Shabaz / Shabaz
Om mahaprana deepam, Shankar Mahadevan
You're the first, the last, my everything; Barry White
Louie's Luau, TriBeCaStan / New Deli
Freaks for the festival, TriBeCaStan / New Deli
Amor veradero, J. Marquetti / Afro-Cuban all-stars: A toda Cuba le gusta
L'îsle au tresor, Sens Unik
Waking the spirits, Bob Holroyd / African travels

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Playlist for Mar. 17 (co-host Séamus O'Moore)

song, artist / CD

Ces petits riens
, Angélique Kidjo
Leyenda negra, Tiro de Gracia
El juego verdadero, Tiro de Gracia
Pink Solidism, Yonderboi / Shallow and profound
Night and day, sung by Kevin Kline / De-lovely (soundtrack)
Alors on danse, Stromae
Reagan's, Bohola / Bohola
The beauty spot, Bob Brozman & John McSherry / Six days in down
The laurel tree, Bothy Band / Old hag you've killed me
Urchnoc chein mhic cainte, Stephanie Makem / Ceol is piob
Bulgarian rock, Lunasa / The Kinnity Session
Dominic's farewell, Cillian Vallely & Kevin Crawford / On Common Ground
Dreams, the Cranberries
Ain't got no/I got life, Nina Simone
If I should fall from the grace of God, the Pogues
Yo no se mañana, Luis Enrique / Ciclos
Ritual union, Little Dragon
Ski chalet, Futurebirds
Freefalling, Michael McGoldrick / Aurora
Fionnghuala, The Bothy band / Old hag you've killed me
I'm a rambler I'm a gambler, the Irish Rovers
On a slow boat to China, Bette Midler & Barry Manilow
Party rock anthem, LMFAO
Flow, Kora

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Playlist for Mar. 3

Mata Siguaraya, Benny Moré
Ojalà que llueva café, Juan Luis Guerra
Gasolina, Daddy Yankee
Que buena baila usted, Buena Vista Social Club
La Muerte, Bachaco / Summer Tour 2010
Riva, Arakatuba
Titta när han dansar, Panda da Panda
I'm not a robot, Marina & the Diamonds
Flex'n, J Highgrade
Alors on danse, Stromae
Alger, Alger; Les Orientales / Putumayo Presents - Acoustic Arabia
West coast lo-fi rides again, Bassnectar
Love will find a way, Tesla
Suavemente, Elvis Crespo / Suavemente
No me dejes solo, Daddy Yankee
Nossa, nossa, asi voce me mata, Michel Teló
Leyenda Negra, Tiro de Gracia /Ser Humano
When love takes over, David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland
Can't help falling in love, UB40
Bonito y sabroso, Benny Moré
Mi televisor, Moneda Dura

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Playlist for Jan. 7

song, artist / CD

When love takes over, David Guetta
Dance wiv me, Dizzee Rascal
Ring my bell, Anita Ward
Sweet home California, Moonshine Bandits
Git me some, Earl Thomas
Where have all the cowboys gone, Paula Cole
Only a northern song, The Beatles / Anthology, Disc 2
Seamus Tansey's, Steph Geremia / The Open Road
So quero um xodo, Gilberto Gil / Beleza Tropical - Brazil Classics
Tambourin chinois Op. 3, Joshua Bell & Paul Coker / Kreisler Album
Don't look the other way, Pleasure / Pleasure
Cay's Crays, Fat Freddy's Drop / Based on a true story
Sound of Kudero, Buraka Son System feat. MIA
N. American Scum, LCD Soundsystem
Dreamworld, Robin Thicke
Love Shack, the B-52s
Sister twisted, Kinky / Reina
Tree people speak, Burning sky / Enter the earth
Ploska, Vasen / Gront
La revedere, Dunklebunt / Morgenlandfahrt
Thinking about you, Frank Ocean / Southern smoke radio 5
Ril an eargail, Stephanie Makem & Tiarnan O Duinchinn / Ceol is piob
What a wonderful world, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole