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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Playlist for Dec. 19

song, artist / CD

Bulgarian Chicks, Balkan Beat Box
No stopping for nicotine, Deep Dish / George is on!
Una salida, El otro yo del otro yo / Rough Guide: Urban Latino
Change my name to Bill, Nicholas Iris / Worldbridger
Anything 4 love, Sugar Kayne / Vertical enhancement
Gaza calling, Checkpoint 303
Love addiction, Sparlha Swa / In the distance
Kol el fat, Tamr Hosni
Livin' it, Martha Cinader
Revenge of Scorpio, Ted Hawkins / The final tour
No hilo e ka heke ahi o na moku, Kaumakaiwa Kanaka`ole / Welo
October floors, Amber Darland
Luz de luna, Chavela Vargas / live at Carnegie Hall
Hoireann O, Capercaille / Celtic Crossroads
In the still of the night, White Snake
Violet fire 2, Astarius / Spirit rap
Agolo, Angelique Kidjo
Frog in the pot, the NPK / The Current
The tardy hearse, Pine Box Boys / Stab
Be good Johnny, Men at Work
Opae E, Israel "Iz" Kamakawiwo`ole / Wonderful world
Pole flip, Nicholas Iris / World bridger
Midnight express, Nuno Bettencourt
World hold on, Bob Sinclair (with thanks to DJ Puregroove)
Amazonico Sonido, Amazonico Sonido / Chicha Libre

Friday, December 18, 2009

Playlist for Dec. 5

"Soup to Nuts" -- 12 to 2 pm
song, artist / CD

Miss Chatelaine, k. d. lang
The continuing story of Bungalow Bill, Beatle Jazz: All you need
Wagon wheel, Old Crow Medicine Show
Tango canción, Gotan Project / Lunático
Lalogo, Alpha Blondy / Putumayo World Reggae
Coffee, AWOL / Ska, 3rd Wave, vol. 2
Sympathy for the devil, rmx Full Phatt
Ever so lonely, Sheila Chandra, Weaving my ancestors' voices
Nour el Ain, Amr Diab, Camelspotting
Walking the plank, Skyedance / Bravehearts
Dirty laundry, Bitter:sweet / Putumayo New groove
Smells like teen spirit, Nirvana
Zipper it up really quick?, Mitch Hedberg
Funky Kingston, Toots and the Maytalls
Get together, the Youngbloods
Fluffy little clouds, the Orb
Minaret, Medicine Drum / Talking stick
Paragraph president, Blackalicious / Blazing arrow
Keepin' up with you, Jr. Brown / Long walk back
Riva, Arakatuba, Rough guide to urban latino
Alola, Easy Alohas

"What It Is" -- 2 to 4 pm
Rhapsody in blue [by George Gershwin] / pianist Jon Nakamatsu
I'm free, Morgan King rmx Sasha / Global underground
Burning, Whitest boy alive
Gnosienne # 1, Chicha Libre / Sonido Amazonico
Starlight, Supermen lovers
Airegin, Miles Davis
Hiphopopotomus v. Rhymenoceros, Flight of the Conchords
Change my name to Bill, Nicholas Iris / World Bridger
Brokeback Mountain 1, [soundtrack]
A BoneConeDrone, Sheila Chandra
Salaam Shalom, MJ Greenmountain
Good dog down, Synergy
Devil's dub, Moogot2
My wife thinks you're dead, Jr. Brown
Walking shangbootie, Insatiable / Ska, 3rd Wave, vol. 2
Poker face, Lady Gaga
Amelia Earhart's last ride, Anne Feeney
I guess I showed her, Robert Cray / Live from across the p0nd
Sandstorm, Da Rude
Mama you got a daughter, John Lee Hooker

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Playlist for Nov. 21

song, artist / CD

Serengeti, Chris Gilles / Continuum
Polaris, Bostich
Sweet thing, Van Morrison / Astral weeks
Pole flip, Nicholas 2Feathers Iris / World bridger
Ta buena, Marcos Carrera / 100% Merengue de la calle
Gotta get up every morning, Junior Brown
In-a-gadda-da-vida, Iron Butterfly
Spirit rap, Astarius
Love addiction, Sparlha Swa / In the distance
If I ever lose my faith in you, Sting
Spoiled brats of the ruling class, Anne Feeney
Let's make a dope deal, Cheech and Chong / Big Bambú
Speaking in tongues III, Sheila Chandra / Moonsung
Change my name to Bill, Nicholas 2Feathers Iris
Bangs, They might be giants (TMBG)/ Mink car
Business time, Flight of the Conchords
Cat's under the stars, Jerry Garcia
Istanbul (not Constantinople), TMBG / Severe time damage
Sol, Kinky
Give peace a chance, (John Lennon 's) Plastic Ono Band

Playlist for Nov. 7

song, artist / CD

Burn one down, Ben Harper
Drunken lullabies, Flogging Molly
Spill the wine, B-Side Players
Ana ma fiye, Najwa Karam
And she was, Talking Heads
Polaris, Bostich, Rough guide to Urban Latino
All my friends, Peeping Thomas
Good dog down, Snyrgy
More pride than priors, Pine Box Boys
My heart, my life, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Golden years, David Bowie
The party's over (hopelessly in love), Journey
Where I end and you begin, Radiohead / Hail to the thief
Big in Japan, Tom Waits
Big gay heart, Lemonhead
Legalize it, Sublime / Hempilation
Mas, Kinky
West Memphis daddy, Pine Box Boys

Playlist for Oct. 24

song, artist / CD

Bongos, bleeps and basslines
, Zero dB / [song = CD name]
Jique, Brazilian girls / Talk to La Bomb
Papirossen in Gan Eden, Zydepunks / Finisterre
Welcome to Montego Bay, Queen Ifrika / Montego Bay
Legalize it, Sublime / Hempilation
Different light, Steve Winwood
Green light, Vanessa Marie
El Hechizo de Babilonia, Luís Delgado / [song = CD name]
Anything goes, Herb Alpert / [song = CD name]
Deeper shade of soul, Urban dance squad
Ruby don't take your love to town, Cake
Esma Yalli, Hakim / Desert Roses and Arabian rhythms
Conga madness, Zero dB / Bongos, bleeps and basslines
Shadows of ourselves, Thievery Corp. / Sounds Eclectical
Bed's too big without you, Inner circle / Spirits of the material world
Calvin, John Spencer blues explosion, Acme
Kash under glass, Bongzilla / Amerijuanican
Bandy bandy, Zap Mama / Ancestry in progress
National health care now, Anne Feeney / Union maid
Lollypop rmx, Squeak E. Clean
Clandestino, Manu Chao
Cumbia de los muertos, Ozomatli / Latin groove

Monday, November 16, 2009

Playlist for Oct. 17

song, artist / CD

Rootsman skanking,
Bunny Wailer
Good dog down, Synrgy
Quand est-ce qu'on arrive, Balkan Beat Box
Don't die please, Ian Taylor Band
Flower police, Camo Cowboys
Ritmo sabroso, Ray Barretto
Ondar's medley, Genghis Blues soundtrack
Lollypop (o.v. the Chordettes), rmx Squeak E. Clean
Sound the alarm, Thievery Corp.
Only a pawn in their game, Bob Dylan
Little Girl, Maia Spear
Jesus was a mushroom, Darryl Cherney
She's royal, Tarrus Riley
How sweet it is, Jerry Garcia Band
Green hornet, Al Hirt
Ami Oh, Papa Wembey, Manu Dibango & Angelique Kidjo
L.I.N.N., Linn and Freddie / New Groove
Mississippi Delta Blues, Jimmie Rodgers
Perfect, Depeche Mode
Angel face, Michael Black
Serbian house mix, Balkan Beat Box
Vamos, LoCura / Animas
Frozen fear, Government Mule
La Pelota, Ray Barretta

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist for Oct. 3

song, artist / CD

The Pressure, pt. 1,
The Sounds of Blackness
Get it together, the Fort Knox Five
Bulgarian chicks, Balkan Beat Box
Anything for love, Sugar Kayne / Vertical enhancement
Non, je ne regrette rien, Edith Piaf
African odyssey, Delhi to Dublin
Exaltation, Matisyahu / Shake off the dust .. arise
¿Te va?, LoCura / Animas
Chimes of freedom, Bob Dylan & Joan Baez
Gaza calling, Checkpoint 303
Felasteen wel tahadi, Palestinian Rapperz
Science is golden, the Grates
Lucky number, Lene Lovich / Stateless
You're gonna make me lonesome when you go, Madeliene Peyroux
Good dog down, Synrgy
Peace of mind, the NPK / the Current
Love rears its ugly head, Living Color
I believe, Phoenix & After Buffalo / The journey continues
She's mine, Brett Dennen / So much more
I am not my hair, India Arie / Testimony vol. 1
Glósóli, Sigur Ros / Takk

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Playlist for Sep. 19

song, artist / CD

Riva, Arakatuba feat. Liliane Chachiane / Rough Guide to Urban Latino
Funky Kingston, Toots and the Maytals
L.O.V.E., Goddess Alchemy Project / Frequencies of the Motherland
Coffee, AWOL / Ska the 3rd wave, vol. 2
I am resistance, Rico Pabon
Felasteen wa tahadi, Palestinian Rapperz ...
... check out Slingshot Hiphop
The harvest man, Attila and Dave Project / Illuminated
Celtic Dub, Delhi to Dublin
Needle stuck on Lebanon, Checkpoint 303
Cleva, Erykah Badu / Mama's gun
Ready for love, India Arie
Get it together, the Fort Knox Five
Look into my eyes, Outlandish
Sisters of mercy, Leonard Cohen
I'm yours, Jason Mraz
Mere Saqi, Fanna fi Allah / Annihilation into the infinite
Minaret, Medicine Drum
Macomé, Holger Hiller / Rough Guide to Urban Latino
I'm walkin' on sunshine, Katrina and the waves
Feel good inc., Gorillaz
Salaam shalom, MJ Greenmountain
TSOP, MFSB feat. the Three Degrees

Monday, July 6, 2009

Playlist for July 4

song, artist / CD

Selling the drama, Live / Throwing copper
C'mon and ride it, Quad city DJs / Get on up and dance
Escalator out of order, Mitch Hedberg
Margherita, Marco Borsato
Lief klein konijntje, Ichelle van Alem [live from the Netherlands]
Needle stuck on Lebanon, Checkpoint 303
No màs, Zona Marginal, Rough guide to Urban Latino
Starlight, Supermen Lovers
Lightning crashes, Live / Throwing copper
Etla min dol, Tamer Hosni
Alright, Unforscene/ Fingers and thumbs
Madeenti, Palestinian Rapperz
Gaza calling, Checkpoint 303
Can you feel it, The Jacksons / Triumph
El piba de mi barrio, Dr. Kràpula / RG to Urban Latino
Emergency brake lever, Mitch Hedberg
Bag lady, Erykah Badu / Mama's gun
Here I am (come and take me), Al Green / Call me
P.H.A.T.W.A., the Narcicyst
Electric Avenue, Eddy Grant
Zipper it up, Mitch Hedberg
Aerodynamic, Daft Punk
Luv deluxe, Cinnamon Chasers
La femme d'argent, Air / Moon safari

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Playlist for May 16

song, artist / CD

Just dance, Lady Gaga / The fame
Positive herb, Niyorah
You give me what I want, Etta James / Come a little closer
All over you, Live / Throwing copper
Golf / Receipt for a donut: Mitch Hedberg
Don't you worry, Unforscene
Sacramento, Deep Dish / George is on
Tahamouni [They accused me], Najwa Karam
You're the first, the last, my everything; Barry White
Magnet and steel, Walter Egan / Not shy
Love is like oxygen, Sweet / Level-headed
Noho pai pai, Ka'au Crater Boys / Valley style
30 days in the hole, Humble Pie / Smokin'
Modern man, George Carlin
Ballistics, Casey Connor / G-g-g-ghosts?
Palolo (an Oahu neighborhood), Ka'au Crater Boys / Valley style
Speak 'n' spell, Dane Cook
Selling the drama, Live / Throwing copper
Starkville city jail, Johnny Cash / At San Quentin
I'm free, Morgan King, remixed by Sasha / Global Underground
Cançion protesta, Aterciopelados / Oye
Devil's dub, Moogot2 / Axis mundi

Monday, May 4, 2009

Playlist for May 2

Live in the studio: Attila and Dave Project

song, artist / CD
Baila me, Gypsy Kings
Neem een ander in de maling (cover of Barbie Girl), Ome Henk
Just you and I, dZihan and Kamien
The harvest man, Attila and Dave Project / Illuminated
Across 100 summers, Attila and Dave Project / Lifeline
Just dance, Lady Gaga
Spontaneous combustion, Fishbelly Black / Fishbelly Black
Requiem for a dying song, Flogging Molly / Float
Race-car passenger, Mitch Hedberg
Streaming, Attila and Dave Project / Illuminated
Surf's up, Attila and Dave Project
The lady in the looking glass, Attila and Dave Project
Rebellion, the NPK / The current
Flower police, Camo Cowboys
Slip 'n bleed, Dane Cook
Circe, Attila and Dave Project / Lifeline
The price of silence, (various artists)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Playlist for Apr. 18

song, artist / CD

Price of silence, various artists
Blowing up the barrio, The Fort Knox Five / Blowing up the barrio
Desert rose, Sting & Cheb Mami / Desert roses and Arabian rhythms
Gonna have some fun tonight, Etta James / Come a little closer
Sugar bee, Boozoo Chavis / Down home on Dog Hill
One monkey don't stop the show, Big Maybelle / The Complete Okeh sessions
Apple tree, Erykah Badu / Baduizm
I'll never turn back, Willie Mae Ford Smith and family
Rabbit of Seville [1950]
Coqueteando, Ska Cubano / Rough guide to urban Latino
Darlin' do not fear, Brett Dennen
Spirit rap, Astarius / Spirit rap
L.O.V.E., Goddess Alchemy Project / Frequencies of the motherland
My Sharona, the Knack
Didi, Cheb Khaled
Brave Sir Robin Ran Away, Monty Python & the Holy Grail
Gonna change my way of thinking, Bob Dylan & Mavis Staples / Gotta serve somebody
Blister in the sun, Violent Femmes
Shop around, the Miracles
I hate these doggone blues, Clarence Brown / Standing my ground
Pather Panchali [improvisation], Ravi Shankar / A night in Bombay

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Playlist for Apr. 11

song, artist / CD

L'Accordéoniste, Edith Piaf
The Brazilian hipster, Fort Knox Five
Kingdom of rust, Doves / Kingdom of rust
French taunter, Monty Pyton / Holy Grail
Grapevine, Fishbelly Black
Canción Protesta, Aterciopelados
Price of Silence, various artists
Más, Kinky / Kinky
Picnic in the summertime, Deee Lite / Dewdrops ..
What I like about you, The Romantics
Push up, Freestylers
Cowboys are frequently secretly fond of each other, Willie Nelson
Rock the Casbah, the Clash
Do not tickle me, Dane Cook
Du hast, Rammstein
Pussycat meow, Deee Lite / Infinity within
Happy up here, Röyksopp / Junior
Inflation, The Whitest boy alive
Angel Face, Michael Black
Sunshine superman, Donovan
Ya mulemau, Joe Arroyo
Freestylers, Bomfunk MCs
Grapevine, Roger Troutman
Stand by me, various artists; check out this link

Monday, April 6, 2009

Playlist for Apr. 4

song, artist / CD

Brand new song, Reel big fish / Why do they rock so hard?
Bittersweet lovin', Deee-Lite / Dewdrops in the garden
Gypsy woman (she's homeless), Crystal Waters
Jique, Brazilian girls / Talk to la bomb
She loves everybody, Chester French
Say ahhh ..., Deee-Lite / Dewdrops in the garden
Non je ne regrette rien, Edith Piaf
Amber, Banco de Gaia / Last train to Lhasa
Why a war on the poor?, Ruby Dee [reading Mumia Abu-Jamal]
Breathe, Telepopmusik / Genetic world
White bird, It's a beautiful day
Money's too tight to mention, Simply red
This too shall pass, India Arie / Testimony vol. 1: life and relationship
Happiness, Pizzaman
Music selector is the soul reflector, Deee-Lite / Dewdrops in the garden
Sog mir, wo die Blomen sind, Marlene Dietrich
L'Accordéoniste, Edith Piaf
Paid in full, Eric B. & Rakim
Call me, Deee-Lite / Dewdrops in the garden
Danza ritual del fuego, Taraf de Haïdouks / Maskarada
Trippin on sunshine, Pizzaman
Six pieds sous terre, Chicha libre / Sonido amazonico
Santa Maria (del Buen Ayre), Gotan Project / La Revancha del tango

Monday, March 23, 2009

Playlist for Mar. 21

song, artist / CD

Coffee, AWOL / Ska the 3rd wave, vol. 2
She has a girlfriend now, Reel big fish / Greatest hit ... and much more
Brand new song, Reel big fish / Why do they rock so hard?
Last time, Ike Reilly / Salesmen and racists
Ever so lonely, Sheila Chandra / Moonsung
Within you without you, Beatles / Anthology 2
Do your thing, Basement Jaxx remix by Erick Morillo / Subliminal Sessions 3
Good works, Tuff Lion / Talkin' roots II
Be with me, Bashan / Talkin' roots II
Making flippy floppy, Talking Heads / [LP:] Speaking in tongues
Overflow, Amber Darland / Michigan 2008
Zen, Rokia Traoré / Tchamanché
Elvis Presley blues, Joan Baez / Dark chords on a big guitar
Defenders of marriage, Anne Feeney / If I can't dance, it's not my revolution
Spoiled brats of the ruling class, Anne Feeney (and)
The corporate welfare song, Anne Feeney / Have you been to jail for justice?
The big sleep, Mr. Coconut rmx by Tosca / Souvenirs
Backline, MooGot2, Humboldt Collective
All at once, Casey Connor / g-g-g-ghosts
Because, Beatles / Anthology 3
Low rider, War / Best of ~
Over the rainbow, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole / Alone in Iz world
Spying glass, Massive attack / Protection

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Playlist for Feb. 21

This show also featured the live music of Amber Darland, who performed her songs Overflow, Don't pick all the flowers, and Learn to bend.

song, artist / CD

Usti usti baba, Koçani Orkestar vs. Señor Coconut / 20 ways to float through walls
Coffee, AWOL / Ska the 3rd wave, vol. 2
Riberonzinha, Mario de Barros / World Reggae
Pull up to the bumper, Funkstar deluxe / Keep on movin' (it's too funky in here)
African reggae, Nina Hagen / Rhythm come forward, vol. 2
Flying home, Lionel Hampton / Music of WW II
Vacilando de Ayahuasca, Juaneco y su combo
track #2 [track names not given], Xu Xu Fang / The mourning son
Planet of love, Clear the room band / Wisdom search
My uncle, Flying burrito brothers / Easy rider [soundtrack]
Drums solos, Jazayer / Hijaz city, Bayyat state
The shining path, Thievery Corp. / Radio retaliation
Johnny Appleseed, The loose acoustic trio / Sorrow be gone
Kodo (Hishou version), Yoshida brothers / Tsugaru Shamisen
Love minus zero/No limit, Bob Dylan / Live 1975
Tuxedo Junction, Glenn Miller / Music of WW II
Do your thing, Basement Jaxx remix by Erick Morillo / Subliminal Sessions 3

Also heard in the background during the show:
Journey, David Hudson / Walkabout
Gnosienne #1, Chicha libre / Sonido Amazonico
Minaret, Medicine Drum / Talking stick

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Playlist for February 14

Song, Artist / CD

She's a woman, Beatles / Anthology 2
Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love, Coldplay / Viva la vida
Wicked game, Chris Isaak / Heart-shaped world
Constant craving, k.d. lang / Live by request
Could you be loved, Bob Marley
I don't know how to love him / Jesus Christ Superstar [soundtrack]
What's that, Exodus quartet / Very best of this is acid jazz
You've got the love I need, Al Green / Lay it down
In this heart, Sinéad O'Connor / Universal mother
I feel love, Vanessa Mae / Storm
I will, Beatles / Anthology 3
One man guy, Rufus Wainwright / Poses
Big gay heart, Lemonheads / Come on feel
How sweet it is, Jerry Garcia / How sweet it is
Lovers of today, Pretenders / The isle of view
Goddess of love, Brian Ferry
Your love, Bob Marley
Hold me oh my darling, Marvin Gaye & Tammi Ferrell
Dance me to the end of love, Leonard Cohen
Lovers in dangerous time, Bruce Cockburn
You know my name, Beatles / Anthology 2
Loving day, Burning Spear

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Playlist for February 7

Song, Artist / CD

Mondonet, 808 State / Trance Europe express
Leaving Monte Carlo, Physics / Departure lounge: world grooves
Taiko, Druid sisters tea party
Shina shina, Tananas / Planet soup
Oddjob's pressing engagement, Goldfinger [soundtrack]
Pagan angel and a borrowed car, Iron and Wine / Shepherd's dog
Everything is changing, Groove Collective / SF Sessions, vol. 2
Call to prayer, Radio & TV symphony orchestra of Bosnia-Herzegovina / Trance planet 4
We want peace, Lenny Kravitz et al. /
Fermanagh Highland, Altan / Island angel
Pledge of resistance, Saul Williams /
Defenders of marriage, Anne Feeney / If I can't dance
Ballistics, Casey Connor / g-g-g-ghosts?
Sensi, Gyptian / I can feel your pain
Plant a seed, Kottonmouth kings / The green album
Tramp, Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & the Trinity / A kind of love in 1967-1971
Sweaty wet dirty damp, Gameboy gamegirl / Sounds Australia vol. 2
Isolation, Joy Division / Closer
Violet fire 2, Astarius / Spirit rap
Delicate poison, Govinda / Chill lounge
Willie & the hand jive, Johnny Otis
Good golly Miss Molly, Little Richard
Whole lot of shakin' going on, Jerry Lee Lewis
Tequila, The Champs
Stormy weather, Lena Hornew/ Lou Bring & his orchestra
What's that, Exodus quartet / Very best of this is acid jazz
Alleluia Pascha Nostrum, Ustad Nishat Khan / Trance planet 4

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Playlist for January 17

Song, Artist / CD

Fool's gold, Stone Roses
Nose flute dub, Paula Fuga / Lilikoi
Ana ma fiye [I can't], Najwa Karam
Cherry, cherry, Neil Diamond
C'mon ride that train, Uncle Luke
Don't you worry about a thing, John Legend
Word up, Cameo
Let me off uptown, Gene Krupa & orchestra / Dance hits from WW II
Longest dream, Timber Vella
Angel face, Michael Black
Loco, Felipe Pelaez
Love's theme, [Barry White's] Love Unlimited Orchestra
My lady's home, Iron and Wine
Pump up the volume, M.A.R.R.S.
Put da lime in da coconut, Kermit the Frog
Ride this train, Canton Spirituals Gospel Express
Tainted love, Soft Cell
Sawa sawa, Ganga Clamoungou / Kalass
Sheik of Araby, Coleman Hawkins All-Star Octet / Dance hits fm WW II
Let's get together, the Youngbloods
Fermanagh Highland, Altan / Mondo Celtic
Hey girl, John Legend feat. Estelle
Arabic belly dance, Najwa Karam
The Sexicans, Salsa Fresca remixed by DJ Mark Farina / Connect

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Playlist for January 3

Song, Artist / CD

Grounds for Divorce, Elbow
Cappuccino, The Knux / Remind me in three days
Sexy boy, Air
Reel "en su salsa", Matto Congrio / Planet Soup
On the border, Al Stewart / [LP:] Year of the cat
Get ready, Rare Earth
Aerodynamic, Daft Punk
Longest dream, Timber Vella
a Saudi wedding song, Jeddah Legend
Journey revealed, Ganga Clamoungou / Kalass
None shall pass, Aesop Rock
Days of the Theocracy, Anne Feeney / If I can't dance
Katariina, Värttinä / Planet Soup
Young folks, Peter, Björn & John, feat. Victoria Bergsman
Sex on the streets, Pizzaman [aka Fatboy Slim]
Money, Flying Lizards
Venom wearing denom, Junior Brown
Ka'olu, Kalae Miles / Ho'opono
Papa's got a brand new bag, James Brown
Du hast, Rammstein
Linda Nena, Juaneca y su combo