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Saturday, January 6, 2018

playlist for Jan. 6, 2018

song, artist / CD*

The Grid, Phillip Glass / Koyaanisqatsi
Mista President, Souljazz Orchestra / Freedom no go die
Gitana Hechicera [gypsy sorceress], Peret / Els 18 Exits Essencials
  • video [Peret performing the song to a live audience]
  • video [views of Barcelona, set to the music]
Steven Colbert condemns U.S.A.G. Jeff Sessions
A love song for freedom fighters, Bree Newsome
The Mother We Share, Chvrches / The bones of what you believe
I just wanna celebrate, Rare Earth / One world
I’ll name the dogs, Blake Shelton / Texoma shore
Human behavior, Björk / Debut
Let if fall, Lykke Li / Youth novels
Modern Man, George Carlin
Rock it ina dance, Hempress Sativa / Unconquerebel [sic]
Negril, Burning Spear / Mistress music
Wandering Sadhu, Desert dwellers / Anahata yoga club
Stole the show feat. Parson James, Kygo / Cloud Nine
Sandwiches, Mitch Hedberg
Papa’s got a brand new bag, Otis Redding
Them hippies was right, Those Darn Accordions / No strings attached
Let’s have a kiki, Scissor Sisters / Magic Hour
Riders on the storm, The Doors / LA Woman

* Hyperlinks in song titles are usually in red, and almost always lead to music videos.
Hyperlinks in the artist field are often in blue, and usually lead to the performer's website.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

playlist for Dec. 2

song, artist / CD

Hyperlinks in song titles are usually in red, and pretty much always lead to music videos.
Hyperlinks in the artist field are sometimes in blue, and usually lead to the performer's website.

Shut your eyes, Snow Patrol / Eyes Open
Kata rokkar, Björk Guðmundsdóttir et al. / Gling-glo
We intend to deport, Checkpoint 303 / Iqrit Files
Rainbows and waterfalls, Pretty Lights / Rainbows and waterfalls
Rollin’ stone feat. Erykah Badu, Red Astair / Nuggets for the needy
Removing Confederate statues, Jim Jefferies
Mexican trains, Profane Sass / Alabama Sessions
Don’t judge a book by its cover, The Hawk + Little Hannah Collins / City lounge vol. 9
God Moves on the Water, Blind Willie Johnson
From God’s perspective, Bo Burnham
Irie Vibe, Raging Fyah / Judgement Day
Hollywood swinging, Kool and the Gang / Wild and peaceful
Walk like an Egyptian, the Bangles / Different light
The safety dance, Men without Hats / Rhythm of youth
Der kommissar, Falco [video shows After the Fire]
Dot in the sky, Drab Majesty / The demonstration
Dunbar-Ortiz takes aim at 2nd amendment, Prison Radio
Me and my baby, Don Cavalli / Temperamental
Schöner fremder Mann, Connie Francis / ~ sings German Favorites
Blood red and going down, Tanya Tucker
Express yourself (say yes), Jon Batiste / Social music
Minnie the Moocher, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy / How big can you get? Music of Cab Calloway
Suspus [subjected], Ceza [in Turkish] / Suspus

Monday, November 27, 2017

playlist for Nov. 4

song, artist / CD

Finally moving (Pretty lights rmx), James Brown
Rollin’ stone feat. Erykah Badu, Fredrik Lager / Nuggets for the needy
General generations, A Tribe Called Red
Country music, Key and Peele
Bi-racial swingin’ at the Savoy, Ken Burns’ Jazz
Able, Pharrell Williams / Hidden Figures [trailer*]
Breaking through power, Ralph Nader / Project Censored
Sympathy for the devil, Rolling Stones / Beggars' Banquet
La escuela de mi padre, Noel Torres / La vida a mi modo
Sueño en Paraguay, Chancha vía Circuito / Turntables on the Hudson #10
Audition (the fools who dream), La La Land [soundtrack]
Oye como va, Tito Puente / El Rey bravo
Uku, Dengue fever / Cannibal courtship
Bad mojo vodaphone, David Rheins / Songs of love and loss
Mahna mahna, The Muppet Show
OM Sri Maha Lakshmi-yé Swaha
Substitute teacher, Key and Peele
Maghroumi [I’m in love], Najwa Karam
Magnetic fields pt. 4, Jean Michel Jarre / Les Chants Magnétiques
Our dream world, Desert Dwellers
SoHum Home, Twango Macallan
The Monster and the fairie, Hera has a heart / The Mirror
* ~ This trailer had the tightest editing of them all; don't miss it.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

playlist for Oct. 7

song, artist / CD

Tangaroa, Uekaha Taane Tinorau / Ka Mate Haka
Relax, Frankie goes to Hollywood / Welcome to the pleasuredome
The machine: 2006 (keep the world turning), Brother / As you were
Gun control pt. 1, Jim Jefferies
Hazel's song, Kalan Wolfe / The Butterfly
Newborn awakening, Jim Morrison / An American Prayer
Getting Björn to come, Metal Andy and me
Pussycat Meow, Deee Lite / Infinity within
El Andariego, Chavela Vargas / En Carnegie Hall
La Cumbia del mole, Lila Downs / La Cantina
Chambacu, Cumbias Poblanas
Gun control pt. 2, Jim Jefferies
Hats, George Carlin / It's all bad for ya
Immigrants, K’NAAN, Riz MC, Snow the Product / Hamilton Mixtape
Maori haka for Standing Rock
Pull up the people, MIA / Arular
Drugs are now legal, Onion Radio News
Finally moving (Pretty Lights remix), James Brown
Between 2 thieves, De-Phazz / Detunized gravity
Even the losers, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Gun control pt. 3, Jim Jefferies
From the south to the west, Filastine / Dirty bomb
Human nature (Louis La Roche rmx), Michael Jackson
Kneeling for justice, Mumia abu-Jamal / Prison Radio
Gun control pt. 4, Jim Jefferies
Tangelina the Aviator

Sunday, September 10, 2017

playlist for Sep. 9

Out of town Sep 2 and 16.
Subbing today for DJ Respect.

song, artist / CD

El Zapateado, Las Cafeteras / It’s time
Moanin’ for you, Swing Republic / Let’s Misbehave
OM Sri Maha Lakshmi-yé Swaha
Love school, Earl Thomas / Crow
Every ghetto feat. Rapsody, Talib Kweli / Indie 500
Googa mama, The Bongolian / Moog Maximus
Time has come today, Chambers Bros. / The time has come
On the coast with Delilah, Maria Bamford
Sun don’t shine, Profane Sass
Interview with John Le Carré [excerpt]
Money, Easy Star All-Stars / Dub Side of the moon
OM Sri Maha Lakshmi-yé Swaha
Cinnamon girl, Type O Negative / October Rust
Removal of confederate statues, Mitchell Landrieu [transcript]
Removing statues, Jim Jefferies
The Birth of a Nation [trailer]
All lives matter 1800s edition, Anthony McPherson
Azouiegh Illougan, Steve Shehan & Baly Othmani / Assarouf
OM Sri Maha Lakshmi-yé Swaha
Mobius Streak, Hiatus Kaiyote / Tawk Tomahawk
Waiting, Sheila Chandra / Mooning
Let’s groove, Earth Wind & Fire / Raise!
Interview with John Le Carré [2nd excerpt]
Imarhan, Imarhan
OM Sri Maha Lakshmi-yé Swaha
More Cowbell, Saturday Night Live
(Don’t fear) The reaper, Blue Öyster Cult / Agents of fortune
Take me home, Phil Collins

Saturday, August 19, 2017

playlist for Aug. 19

song, artist / CD
song titles = music videos  |  artist = musicians' websites 

Dombolo, Les Amazones d’Afrique / République Amazone
Burru Saturday, Sly and Robbie / Blackwood Dub
The hop, Radio Citizen and Bajka / City lounge v. 9
Brain ride, Maria Bamford
Groove is in the heart, Deee-Lite / World Clique
Hills and trails, Misun / Superstitions 
Mississippi Goddam, Nina Simone / Little girl blue 
Trump’s America and ours, Mumia abu-Jamal 
Immigrants (We get the job done); K’NAAN, Residente et al. / Hamilton Mixtape
Black Spiderman, Wyatt Cenac
All you Fascists bound to lose, Rude Lickshots / Lickshots
Who did the Fascists support?, Michael Parenti
El Aguante, Calle 13 / Multiviral
The world turned upside down, Dick Gaughan / Handful of Earth
El Zapateado, Las Cafeteras : on Democracy Now
Let’s Boogaloo, Willie Rosario / Two too much!
Dying alone, Maria Bamford
Dear brother, Nahko +MFTP / @ Redrocks Amphitheater
On the month of resistance to mass incarceration, Chuck D
Luck of Lucien, A Tribe called Quest / People’s instinctive travels .. paths of rhythm
Between two thieves, De-Phazz / Detunized gravity
Rogue Bagel, Ott / Skylon
Finding the Exxon within, Maria Bamford
Gear jamming daddy, JP Harris + the Tough Choices / I'll keep calling
Amarillo by morning, George Strait / Strait from the heart
Atheist TV, Maria Bamford 
Nature, India Arie / Acoustic soul
Imagine, John Lennon

Friday, July 21, 2017

playlist for July 15

song titles = music videos  |  artist = musicians' websites

Baile de los pobres, Calle 13 / Entren los que Quieren
So-called war, Rico Pabon / And still the sun rises
Golden ones feat. Sizzla Kalonji, Indubious / From zero
Jerusalem, Alpha Blondy + The Wailers / Jerusalem
Dogs, Michael Parenti / TUC radio
Good dog down, Synrgy / Live in Love
Lies, Haji Mike + Dub Caravan / Virtual Oasis
Bad liar, Selena Gomez / Bad Liar
Chairman Meow, Profane Sass
Emergency brake lever, Mitch Hedberg
Last time for everything, Brad Paisley / Love and war
She’s country, Jason Aldean
If you don’t know that, Michael Parenti
Ain’t got no / I got life, Nina Simone + Groovefinder / Remixed and reimagined
 → The Groovefinder remix: video
Mississippi Goddam, Nina Simone / Little girl blue
Courage over fear, Vijay Prashad — Flashpoints
Ancient times two, Astarius / Spirit Rap
American dream, Jakatta
Que nadie sepa mi sufrir, Sandra Luna / Djellabar
Cha cha cha met Deutschespreken
Think, Kaleida
Follow your arrow, Kacey Musgraves / Same trailer different park
Back door man, the Doors
Beat it on down the line, Grateful Dead [Cow Palace, March 1974]
Baby grand, Ray Charles [piano by Billy Joel] / Friendship
Istanbul, Claude + Jean-Marc Challe / Magic Deep 03