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Saturday, May 19, 2018

playlist for May 19

Thanks to Jordan Jumpshot for subbing May 5.

song, artist / CD

Opening remarks, Michelle Wolf / 2018 White House Correspondents’ Dinner
Lightning fire magic prayer, N.E.R.D. / No one ever really dies
The Spirits within, Nickodemus / Endangered Spirits
Got to give it up, Marvin Gaye
Gwyra mi, Ramiro Musotto / Civilizacao & Barbarye
Medication makes me high, Damian and Stephen Marley, Wiz Khalifa / Medication
Palestine will be free, Maher Zain / Thank you Allah
Slingshot hiphop, Palestinian Rapperz
We will not go down, Michael Heart
Gaza calling, Checkpoint 303
Noam Chomsky, The Horsies / Trouble down south
What Is it, 1985 in here? Maria Bamford / Comedy Death Ray
You go to my head, Judy Garland
You’re driving me crazy; Van Morrison + Joey deFrancesco
If I had a ribbon bow, Maxine Sullivan
The call of the jitterbug, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy / Music of Cab Calloway
Maestro Rumbero, Papawa / Toca Madera
Mas Papaya, Sidestepper / 3 AM in beats we trust
La unica estrella, Estrella / Too hot to handle
Chuper amigos, Jenni Rivera / Jenni
The front fell off, Clark and Dawes
I got cash, Brooklyn Funk Essentials / Make ‘em like it
Stop breakin’ down Blues, Charlie Beal / Breakin’ down blues
La Californie, Souleance / La Beat Tape
Champagne supernova, Oasis / What’s the story morning glory?
Matchbox, Rainbow kitten surprise / How to: Friend, Love, Freefall
Illlusion I, State of Sea / Illusions
A dream of being Danny Kaye, George Carlin
Highway tune, Greta Van Fleet

Saturday, April 21, 2018

playlist for Apr. 21

song, artist / CD *

44/876; Sting, Shaggy, Morgan Heritage + Aidonia
Sankofa, Kwame Bediako / Forward ever
Work to do, Isley Brothers / Brother brother brother
Redemption, Zacari and Babes Wodumo / soundtrack Black Panther
Belebo (Afro-tech mix) feat. Kakatsitsi, José Marquez
Triyana, Nezih Çelikörs / Arsivplak
Gitana Hechicera [gypsy sorceress], Peret
Kiss off, Los Delinqüentes y Tomasito / Los Hombres de las praderas y sus bordones calientes
Hats, George Carlin / It’s bad for ya
Nothin’ compares 2 U, Prince and the Family
Villa donde, King Coya / Cumbias de Villa Donde
Cry me a river, Alison Moyet / Voice
Always and forever, Heat Wave
Ansumana, Susso / Keira
Intro (Mukadame) [lyrics in English], DAM / Dedication
Damascus market dub, Spy from Cairo / Nothing new under the sun
Accept what Israel is, Glenn Greenwald [Democracy Now :: 04/0918]
White and Dark Skin remix, Suleiman Al-Amari
Meen Erharbi, DAM
Azza, YAS / Arabology
Mr. Finish Line, Vulfpeck / Mr. Finish Line
Golf with Trump, Jim Carrey
Papa-oom-mow-mow, The Rivingtons
Cherry cherry, Neil Diamond
Abduzidos, Barbatuques / O Seguinte é Esse [The Next is This]

* Hyperlinks in song titles are usually in red, and almost always lead to music videos.
Hyperlinks in the artist field are often in blue, and usually lead to the performer's website.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Playlist for Apr. 7

song, artist / CD

Black Kennedy, August Greene
Zealots, the Fugees / The Score
Shadows mean light feat. Shook Twins, Marv Ellis / Shadows mean light
These stars collide, Mourning [A] BLKstar
Giant steps, John Coltrane / Giant steps
Reefer man, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy / How big can you get, music of Cab Calloway
Prior to broadcast, a band discovered to be Israeli was removed from the playlist.
Bald Knob Arkansas, Kody Norris Show / When I get the money made 
Ho Hey, the Lumineers / The Lumineers
Space cowboy, Kacey Musgraves / Golden hour
Lie, Alex Parks / Honesty
I am, Satsang / the Story of you
Get a life, Lon and Jon Ohnder
Mic drop, BTS / Love yourself: her
What it is kid, ZZ Top / Mescalero
Shake it off, Taylor Swift / 1989
Notre Dame Home Game, Barry Crimmins [My Lucky Life]
Baianá, Barbatuques / O Seguinte é Esse ["The Next is This"]
With your book of spells and potions, Maria Bamford
the Truth, Handsome Boy Modeling School / So... How's your girl?
Simple, Berel :: [review]
Zapatero Remendón, Los Amaya / Afrorumba Tropical
La unica estrella, Estrella / Too hot to handle
Kiss off, Los Delinqüentes y Tomasito / Los Hombres de las Praderas y Sus Bordones Calientes

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Playlist for Mar. 3

song, artist / CD

Half full glass full of wine, Tame Impala / Tame Impala
Devil’s haircut, Beck / Odelay
I alone, Live / Throwing copper
Rica chica, Chicha Libre / Cuatro Tigres
The Young Men ... Dancers In Brazil, Phillip Reeves / Feb. 9 Weekend Ed., NPR
Long as I can see the light, Creedence Clearwater Revival
Una voce poco fà, Beverly Sills, Rossini’s The Barber of Seville
Call me lucky [trailer]
I’m whatever threatens you, Barry Crimmins
Dying alone, Maria Bamford
In my house, Mary Jane Girls
Takin' care of business, Kurtis Blow! / Kurtis Blow
Imidiwan Afrik Temdam, Tinariwen / Imidiwan [companions]
Yègellé Tezeta, Mulatu Astatke / The Story of Ethio Jazz 1965–1975
Halfway tree, Damian Marley aka Jr. Gong / Heart of a lion
The Big Sick [trailer]
The Elephant Man, Kumail Nanjiani
Fascism, Michael Parenti
National health insurance, Tony Benn
Bullet, Fluke / Oto
A veces, Despierta Janis
One in seven billion, Molly Fisk [right column, click on Molly Fisk Essays]
Jive Samba, Jack Costanzo and Gerrie Woo / Latin percussion w/ soul

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

playlist for Feb. 17

Big thanks to Agnes for subbing Feb. 3, and to
L-Dawg and Nico for subbing Jan. 20

song, artist / CD

Mista president, Souljazz Orchestra / Freeedom no go die
Ecoutez repetez, Touch and go / I find you very attractive
Bhindi bhagee, Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros
Have a seat feat. Snoop Dogg, En Vogue
Right right up feat. Chali 2na, Funk Hunters
Quick, Tank and the Bangas
Kissing a fool, George Michael
Summer rains, the Ditty Bops
Hawaiian war chant, Bob Wills & the Texas Playboys
Dancing queen, Abba
In the shelter of the cove, Darryl Cherney / It’s only an act
Truth, Alex Ebert / Alexander
Corporation, Jack White / Boarding house reach
Me and my baby, Don Cavalli / Temperamental
Sweet indictment, Randy Rainbow
While I was playing fair, Gramatik / Beats and pieces vol. 1
Flutes, Hot Chip / In our heads
It’s gonna rain, Souljazz Orchestra
Revival, Allman Brothers Band / Idlewild South
Om Numah Shivaya, Apache Indian / Time for change
Need to know, Incognito / Tribes vibes and scribes

Saturday, January 6, 2018

playlist for Jan. 6

song, artist / CD*

The Grid, Phillip Glass / Koyaanisqatsi
Mista President, Souljazz Orchestra / Freedom no go die
Gitana Hechicera [gypsy sorceress], Peret / Els 18 Exits Essencials
  • video [Peret performing the song to a live audience]
  • video [views of Barcelona, set to the music]
Steven Colbert condemns U.S.A.G. Jeff Sessions
A love song for freedom fighters, Bree Newsome
The Mother We Share, Chvrches / The bones of what you believe
I just wanna celebrate, Rare Earth / One world
I’ll name the dogs, Blake Shelton / Texoma shore
Human behavior, Björk / Debut
Let if fall, Lykke Li / Youth novels
Modern Man, George Carlin
Rock it ina dance, Hempress Sativa / Unconquerebel [sic]
Negril, Burning Spear / Mistress music
Wandering Sadhu, Desert dwellers / Anahata yoga club
Stole the show feat. Parson James, Kygo / Cloud Nine
Sandwiches, Mitch Hedberg
Papa’s got a brand new bag, Otis Redding
Them hippies was right, Those Darn Accordions / No strings attached
Let’s have a kiki, Scissor Sisters / Magic Hour
Riders on the storm, The Doors / LA Woman

* Hyperlinks in song titles are usually in red, and almost always lead to music videos.
Hyperlinks in the artist field are often in blue, and usually lead to the performer's website.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

playlist for Dec. 2

song, artist / CD

Hyperlinks in song titles are usually in red, and pretty much always lead to music videos.
Hyperlinks in the artist field are sometimes in blue, and usually lead to the performer's website.

Shut your eyes, Snow Patrol / Eyes Open
Kata rokkar, Björk Guðmundsdóttir et al. / Gling-glo
We intend to deport, Checkpoint 303 / Iqrit Files
Rainbows and waterfalls, Pretty Lights / Rainbows and waterfalls
Rollin’ stone feat. Erykah Badu, Red Astair / Nuggets for the needy
Removing Confederate statues, Jim Jefferies
Mexican trains, Profane Sass / Alabama Sessions
Don’t judge a book by its cover, The Hawk + Little Hannah Collins / City lounge vol. 9
God Moves on the Water, Blind Willie Johnson
From God’s perspective, Bo Burnham
Irie Vibe, Raging Fyah / Judgement Day
Hollywood swinging, Kool and the Gang / Wild and peaceful
Walk like an Egyptian, the Bangles / Different light
The safety dance, Men without Hats / Rhythm of youth
Der kommissar, Falco [video shows After the Fire]
Dot in the sky, Drab Majesty / The demonstration
Dunbar-Ortiz takes aim at 2nd amendment, Prison Radio
Me and my baby, Don Cavalli / Temperamental
Schöner fremder Mann, Connie Francis / ~ sings German Favorites
Blood red and going down, Tanya Tucker
Express yourself (say yes), Jon Batiste / Social music
Minnie the Moocher, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy / How big can you get? Music of Cab Calloway
Suspus [subjected], Ceza [in Turkish] / Suspus