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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Playlist for May 16

song, artist / CD

Just dance, Lady Gaga / The fame
Positive herb, Niyorah
You give me what I want, Etta James / Come a little closer
All over you, Live / Throwing copper
Golf / Receipt for a donut: Mitch Hedberg
Don't you worry, Unforscene
Sacramento, Deep Dish / George is on
Tahamouni [They accused me], Najwa Karam
You're the first, the last, my everything; Barry White
Magnet and steel, Walter Egan / Not shy
Love is like oxygen, Sweet / Level-headed
Noho pai pai, Ka'au Crater Boys / Valley style
30 days in the hole, Humble Pie / Smokin'
Modern man, George Carlin
Ballistics, Casey Connor / G-g-g-ghosts?
Palolo (an Oahu neighborhood), Ka'au Crater Boys / Valley style
Speak 'n' spell, Dane Cook
Selling the drama, Live / Throwing copper
Starkville city jail, Johnny Cash / At San Quentin
I'm free, Morgan King, remixed by Sasha / Global Underground
Cançion protesta, Aterciopelados / Oye
Devil's dub, Moogot2 / Axis mundi

Monday, May 4, 2009

Playlist for May 2

Live in the studio: Attila and Dave Project

song, artist / CD
Baila me, Gypsy Kings
Neem een ander in de maling (cover of Barbie Girl), Ome Henk
Just you and I, dZihan and Kamien
The harvest man, Attila and Dave Project / Illuminated
Across 100 summers, Attila and Dave Project / Lifeline
Just dance, Lady Gaga
Spontaneous combustion, Fishbelly Black / Fishbelly Black
Requiem for a dying song, Flogging Molly / Float
Race-car passenger, Mitch Hedberg
Streaming, Attila and Dave Project / Illuminated
Surf's up, Attila and Dave Project
The lady in the looking glass, Attila and Dave Project
Rebellion, the NPK / The current
Flower police, Camo Cowboys
Slip 'n bleed, Dane Cook
Circe, Attila and Dave Project / Lifeline
The price of silence, (various artists)