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Saturday, July 19, 2014

playlist for July 19

Price of silence, a re-mix of Cancion Protesta by Aterciopelados / Oyé
Ana ma fiye, Najwa Karam
Wikileaks samba, Sonic Disobedience
Sinsemilla feat. Denyo, Seeed / New dubby conquerors
Streets O Ramallah, Checkpoint 303
Modern prophit, Nicholas Eyeris / Synchroneyes Symbols
Young man in America, Anais Mitchell
Woman, John Lennon
Persian love song, Lisa Gerrard / Mirror pool
Ya basta, Anne Feeney / Dump the bosses off your back
Agra the emerald mix feat. Paul Horn, Cheb i Sabbah
Slingshot Hiphop, Palestinian Rapperz
Which side are you on, Rebel Diaz
Risk it, Nahko & Medicine for the People / Dark as Night
Why we build the wall feat. Greg Brown, Anais Mitchell / Hadestown
Toad, Cream
The victim gets the blame, Anne Feeney / Union Maid
Israelites, Desmond Dekker & the Aces
Palestine will be free, Maher Zain / Thank you Allah
We will not go down, Michael Heart

Saturday, July 5, 2014

playlist for July 5

The machine 2006, Brother / As you were
Stomping ground, Resonance / Organic Dance Didgeridoo
excerpt from the film Muscle Shoals
Ask Grandma, Taj Mahal
Statesboro Blues, Taj Mahal
One time one night, Los Lobos
Echo, Terri Lyne Carrington / Mosaic
Odhiambo Otieno, Secret Museum of Mankind (v. 8)
Hill and Gully Ride, Secret Museum of Mankind (v. 1)
Nie Smuccie Sie Tatry, Secret Museum of Mankind (v. 1)
Can you feel it?, Jackson 5 / Triumph
Punky's dilemma, Simon and Garfunkel / Bookends
Stormy weather, Cab Calloway
Transformation, Terri Lyne Carrington / Mosaic
Pressed Rat and Warthog, Cream / Wheels of fire
Middle of the madness, Microcosmic (Kimiko Jay & Darian Gray)
Lonely women, Laura Nyro
Guru bramha, Jai Uttal / Buddha Bar v. 1
Three times of the day, Dylan Trees
Supermassive black hole,  Muse / Knights of Cydonia