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Saturday, October 7, 2017

playlist for Oct. 7

song, artist / CD

Tangaroa, Uekaha Taane Tinorau / Ka Mate Haka
Relax, Frankie goes to Hollywood / Welcome to the pleasuredome
The machine: 2006 (keep the world turning), Brother / As you were
Gun control pt. 1, Jim Jefferies
Hazel's song, Kalan Wolfe / The Butterfly
Newborn awakening, Jim Morrison / An American Prayer
Getting Björn to come, Metal Andy and me
Pussycat Meow, Deee Lite / Infinity within
El Andariego, Chavela Vargas / En Carnegie Hall
La Cumbia del mole, Lila Downs / La Cantina
Chambacu, Cumbias Poblanas
Gun control pt. 2, Jim Jefferies
Hats, George Carlin / It's all bad for ya
Immigrants, K’NAAN, Riz MC, Snow the Product / Hamilton Mixtape
Maori haka for Standing Rock
Pull up the people, MIA / Arular
Drugs are now legal, Onion Radio News
Finally moving (Pretty Lights remix), James Brown
Between 2 thieves, De-Phazz / Detunized gravity
Even the losers, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Gun control pt. 3, Jim Jefferies
From the south to the west, Filastine / Dirty bomb
Human nature (Louis La Roche rmx), Michael Jackson
Kneeling for justice, Mumia abu-Jamal / Prison Radio
Gun control pt. 4, Jim Jefferies
Tangelina the Aviator

Sunday, September 10, 2017

playlist for Sep. 9

Out of town Sep 2 and 16.
Subbing today for DJ Respect.

song, artist / CD

El Zapateado, Las Cafeteras / It’s time
Moanin’ for you, Swing Republic / Let’s Misbehave
OM Sri Maha Lakshmi-yé Swaha
Love school, Earl Thomas / Crow
Every ghetto feat. Rapsody, Talib Kweli / Indie 500
Googa mama, The Bongolian / Moog Maximus
Time has come today, Chambers Bros. / The time has come
On the coast with Delilah, Maria Bamford
Sun don’t shine, Profane Sass
Interview with John Le Carré [excerpt]
Money, Easy Star All-Stars / Dub Side of the moon
OM Sri Maha Lakshmi-yé Swaha
Cinnamon girl, Type O Negative / October Rust
Removal of confederate statues, Mitchell Landrieu [transcript]
Removing statues, Jim Jefferies
The Birth of a Nation [trailer]
All lives matter 1800s edition, Anthony McPherson
Azouiegh Illougan, Steve Shehan & Baly Othmani / Assarouf
OM Sri Maha Lakshmi-yé Swaha
Mobius Streak, Hiatus Kaiyote / Tawk Tomahawk
Waiting, Sheila Chandra / Mooning
Let’s groove, Earth Wind & Fire / Raise!
Interview with John Le Carré [2nd excerpt]
Imarhan, Imarhan
OM Sri Maha Lakshmi-yé Swaha
More Cowbell, Saturday Night Live
(Don’t fear) The reaper, Blue Öyster Cult / Agents of fortune
Take me home, Phil Collins

Saturday, August 19, 2017

playlist for Aug. 19

song, artist / CD
song titles = music videos  |  artist = musicians' websites 

Dombolo, Les Amazones d’Afrique / République Amazone
Burru Saturday, Sly and Robbie / Blackwood Dub
The hop, Radio Citizen and Bajka / City lounge v. 9
Brain ride, Maria Bamford
Groove is in the heart, Deee-Lite / World Clique
Hills and trails, Misun / Superstitions 
Mississippi Goddam, Nina Simone / Little girl blue 
Trump’s America and ours, Mumia abu-Jamal 
Immigrants (We get the job done); K’NAAN, Residente et al. / Hamilton Mixtape
Black Spiderman, Wyatt Cenac
All you Fascists bound to lose, Rude Lickshots / Lickshots
Who did the Fascists support?, Michael Parenti
El Aguante, Calle 13 / Multiviral
The world turned upside down, Dick Gaughan / Handful of Earth
El Zapateado, Las Cafeteras : on Democracy Now
Let’s Boogaloo, Willie Rosario / Two too much!
Dying alone, Maria Bamford
Dear brother, Nahko +MFTP / @ Redrocks Amphitheater
On the month of resistance to mass incarceration, Chuck D
Luck of Lucien, A Tribe called Quest / People’s instinctive travels .. paths of rhythm
Between two thieves, De-Phazz / Detunized gravity
Rogue Bagel, Ott / Skylon
Finding the Exxon within, Maria Bamford
Gear jamming daddy, JP Harris + the Tough Choices / I'll keep calling
Amarillo by morning, George Strait / Strait from the heart
Atheist TV, Maria Bamford 
Nature, India Arie / Acoustic soul
Imagine, John Lennon

Friday, July 21, 2017

playlist for July 15

song titles = music videos  |  artist = musicians' websites

Baile de los pobres, Calle 13 / Entren los que Quieren
So-called war, Rico Pabon / And still the sun rises
Golden ones feat. Sizzla Kalonji, Indubious / From zero
Jerusalem, Alpha Blondy + The Wailers / Jerusalem
Dogs, Michael Parenti / TUC radio
Good dog down, Synrgy / Live in Love
Lies, Haji Mike + Dub Caravan / Virtual Oasis
Bad liar, Selena Gomez / Bad Liar
Chairman Meow, Profane Sass
Emergency brake lever, Mitch Hedberg
Last time for everything, Brad Paisley / Love and war
She’s country, Jason Aldean
If you don’t know that, Michael Parenti
Ain’t got no / I got life, Nina Simone + Groovefinder / Remixed and reimagined
 → The Groovefinder remix: video
Mississippi Goddam, Nina Simone / Little girl blue
Courage over fear, Vijay Prashad — Flashpoints
Ancient times two, Astarius / Spirit Rap
American dream, Jakatta
Que nadie sepa mi sufrir, Sandra Luna / Djellabar
Cha cha cha met Deutschespreken
Think, Kaleida
Follow your arrow, Kacey Musgraves / Same trailer different park
Back door man, the Doors
Beat it on down the line, Grateful Dead [Cow Palace, March 1974]
Baby grand, Ray Charles [piano by Billy Joel] / Friendship
Istanbul, Claude + Jean-Marc Challe / Magic Deep 03

Thursday, July 6, 2017

playlist for July 1

DJ Cindiana Jones co-hosted today's show
song, artist / CD

Sin Rumba, Otres Aires / Otres Aires
Hold up wait a minute, ZHU
Englishman in New York, Tanghetto / The Best of Tanghetto
Shake what your mama gave you, Henry Butler + Corey Harris / Feeling Good Blues
Je m'tire, Maitre Gims / Subliminal la face Cachee
Some jokes, Dmitri Martin / These are jokes
Young fashioned ways, Koko Taylor / Feeling good blues
I can't complain, Todd Snider / Near truths and hotel rooms
Variations on a theme, Harpo's Ladder; Clan Dyken / The last ride at the end of the old world
Dogs are racist?, Wyatt Cenac / Wyatt Cenac Comedy Person
Basic human needs, Wavy Gravy
Try try try, Ben Lee / Songs about Islam for the whole family
What are we waiting for, Bob Slaughter / We are water
Oh heart!, Tank and the Bangas
Do wrong right, Devil Makes Three
Basic human needs, Bob Slaughter / The River knows
Them hippies was right, Those damn accordions / No strings attached
Medieval times, Wyatt Cenac
Money, Easy Star All-Stars / Dub Side of the Moon
Wang dang doodle, Koko Taylor / Koko Taylor
Take a giant step, Taj Mahal / Blue light boogie
Compared to what, Les McCann + Eddie Harris / Compared to what
Amor o nada, Otros Aires / Perfect Tango
Fossil fuel sinner, Jack Gladstone / Native anthropology
Kaleidoscope, Vokab Kompany

Saturday, June 17, 2017

playlist for June 17

6 weeks since last broadcast! Out of town May 20: thanks to L-Dawg for sitting in for me.
KMUD's live broadcast of the Summer Arts and Music Festival pre-empted the June 3 show.

song, artist / CD

Kaleidoscope, Vokab Kompany / General Hydroponics
DYOT, Dab Hands / The Club Phenomena
KMUD dubplate, Soulfyre
Rockabye [cover], KRNFX [aka Terry Im] + Eh Bee
Ganesh is fresh feat. Jai Uttal, MC Yogi / Elephant power
Free Tibet, Hilight Tribe
Oviedo, Blind Pilot
Waterfalls, Crow and the Canyon / Leaving soon
The Answer, Mouths of Babes
Illegal smile, John Prine / John Prine (1971)
Father’s day, Rico Pabon / And still the sun rises
The blues my naughty baby gave to me, Dan Hicks & his Hot Licks / Tangles tales
The old devils, William Elliott Whitmore / Animals in the dark
Fishin blues, Taj Mahal / Giant step de ole folks at home
Beyond the sea, Bobby Darin -- dig that video! w/ Dick Clark
Sakanto, Rokia Traoré
Eyes of the squirrel, Primus
Wanna be startin' somethin’ [cover], The Polish Ambassador
Lemon kush, Ozric Tentacles
What a wonderful world, Louie Armstrong

Saturday, May 6, 2017

playlist for May 6

song, artist / CD
[Today's broadcast was 4 hours.]

Ai me morena chocolate restyle, Mo’ Horizons / Some more horizons
The expert, Yello / Touch yello
Sun king, Beatles / Abbey Rd.
Talk to me, Dub Sharma / Vyuh
Bad dads, bad moms; Ali Wong / Baby Cobra
Growin that in Cali, Mumu Crew
Irie vibe, Raging Fyah / General Hydroponics
Celebrate the life, Jeff Cree* / Live from Studio B
Third man theme, Anton Karas
"Les Amazones envision a world of gender equality" [NPR review]
Dombolo feat. Angelique Kidjo, Les Amazones d’Afrique / Republique Amazone
Yehlisan Umoya Ma-Afrika, Busi Mhlongo / Putumayo African Beats
Voices of Africa, African Tribal Orchestra / African Street party
Priestess (Pumarosa) remix, Shura
It’s the end of the world as we know it, REM
North American scum, LCD Soundsystem / Sound of silver
They move like somnambulists, Filasteen
The ballad of Dr. Bud, Capt Hawaii and the Shallow People / ~
Innocent until proven having $13m, Steven Colbert
Nashville wimmin, Waylon Jennings /
Nashville cats, Lovin’ Spoonful / Hums of the Lovin' Spoonful
Cowboy song, Thin Lizzie / Jailbreak
Crates of books, David Arnold + Michael Price [Sherlock theme]
Che Guavara [Dutch language comedy], Ronald Goedemondt / Spek
Hasta siempre Comandante Che Guavara, Siembra / Todo cambia
If I was president, Las Cafeteras
Asian women behind the wheel; Ali Wong / Baby Cobra
“Trump-roast”, Hassan Minahj / White House Correspondents’ Dinner
Dragonfly, Pumarosa
Touch, Shura / Nothing’s real
I play the Kora, Les Amazones d’Afrique
Yalmidan, Cairokee / Matloob Zaeem
Miles and smiles, That Captain / Tree
Hand me down my walking cane, Collectif Medz Bazar / Poshmanella
(I got spurs that) Jingle, jangle, jingle; Kay Kyser & his Orchestra
KMUD dub plate, Soulfyre
Close to you, Maxi Priest
I saw this once before when I was a rookie, Dave Chappelle
In Your Eyes, by Peter Gabriel w/ Youssou N’Dour [in French] / Fatteliku, live in Athens 1987
Roadhouse blues, The Doors / Morrison Hotel
Lone Pine Hill, Justin Townes Earle / The good life
Roundtable rival, Lindsay Sterling / Shatter me
Wayseer Manifesto, Jourdan Bordes + Garrett Loporto / Ready and able

* ~ RIP Linda Jean Lawlor. Her memorial is May 10, in Garberville.

Monday, April 24, 2017

playlist for Apr. 15

song, artist / CD

ExC, That Captain
Six pieds sous terre, Chicha Libre / Sonido Amazonico
Sometimes things get, whatever; Deadmau5 / Random album title
Unplug from the machine, LowRIDERz / Raindrops on roses
Mr. Jones mix 2, Nina Kraviz / Mr. Jones
Mr. Jones, Counting Crows / August and everything after
Priestess, Pumarosa / The witch
Portland, Oregon; Loretta Lynn & Jack White
Miles and smiles, That Captain
Gloria, Van Morrison
Beau mot plage rmx Marques Wyatt, Isolée / Sound design v. 1
Love your ways, Salmonella Dub / Inside the Dub plates
Nothing about flowers, Talking heads / Naked
There’s a moon in the sky, B-52s / B-52s
You know how we do, Saskia La Roo / Holland hits, the boom
Rocket man, Iron Horse / Blue grass tribute to classic rock
Whole lotta lovin', Zepparella
Johnny I hardly knew ya, Dropkick Murphys
Superstylin’, Groove Armada / Goodbye country

Friday, April 7, 2017

playlist for Apr. 1

song, artist / CD

Ai me morena chocolate restyle, Mo’ Horizons / Some more horizons
The expert, Yello / Touch Yello
Maroma, Bajo Fondo Tango Club
Gun control - pt. 1 of 4, Jim Jefferies
Man’s the only bird who has no feathers, Pajaro Sunrise
Something’s got a hold on me, Etta James / Chess box
If you don’t know that, Michael Parenti
Do you hear the people sing?, Cor Meibion Caernarfon Male Choir
Gun control - pt. 2, Jim Jefferies
Pirates, Puppa Lëk Sèn / Sweet & Tuff
Streets of gold, Roland Alphonse / Streets of ska
Untitled macho song, Naked Cult of Hickey
Her Majesty, Beatles / Abbey Road
Dreamer, Supertramp / Crime of the century
Gun control - pt. 3, Jim Jefferies
Look to the left, Anne Feeney / Look to the left
Babylon fading, the Doors / An American Prayer
Muddy waters, LP
Gun control - pt. 4, Jim Jefferies

Saturday, March 18, 2017

playlist for Mar. 18

song, artist / CD

I am woman, Helen Reddy
Brandy, Looking Glass
Thank God for sinners, Ty Segal / Twins
Ed’s reggae, Ed Motta
Michael Moore interviews Br. MP Tony Benn (Sicko)
National health care now, Anne Feeney / Look to the left
In too deep, Sum 41 / All killer, no filler
Semi-crazy, Junior Brown
Who did the Fascists support?, Michael Parenti / TUC Radio
Corporate welfare song, Anne Feeney / Have you been to jail for justice
Cha cha cha met Deutschespreken [get in touch for more info; it's a curious case]
Utari Opunparewa, and
City of Aleppo, Oki Dub Ainu Band / Utarhythm
Palestine: Peace not Apartheid, Jimmy Carter
Mexican trains, Profane Sass
Man smart, woman smarter; the Dead / Live in Philly, 5 Apr '82
Rumble in Brighton, Stray Cats
Conclave Six
Blister in the sun, Violent Femmes
Lost on you, LP / Death Valley
Hazimi, fm the Ben-i-Saleem!, Lawrence of Arabia [trailer]
What’s Motivating [Dr. Tyrone] Hayes, dir. Jonathan Demme
Without hate, without arms & without violence, HK et les Saltimbanks
Everybody’s got something to hide …, Beatles / The Beatles aka the White Album
Sukiyaki [subtitled in Engl.] Kyu Sakamoto < one fascinating tale >
Big gay heart, Lemonheads / Come on feel the Lemonheads
Ni más ni menos, Mantecao y su combo de rumbo moderno / Mas Achillefunk

Thursday, March 9, 2017

playlist for Mar. 4

song, artist / CD

Let I go feat. Anthony Joseph, Mop mop / Isle of Magic
Color of flight, the Polish Ambassador
The Spirits within feat. Apani B Fly, Nickodemus
Maori stand with Standing Rock (haka)
Legacy of Oppression, Linda Black Elk
Electric powwow drum, A Tribe called Red
Who's the terrorist? DAM [Da Arab MCs]
Pashtun - Pashtu gazal, Indigenous people / Voices of forgotten worlds
If I was a terrorist
All they want is everything, Michael Parenti
Ana ma fiye, Najwa Karam
Salaam shalom [Cheb i Sabbah rmx], MJ Greenmountain 
O tipo do rapaz, Wanderléa / É Tempo do Amor
The kind of boy you can't forget, The Raindrops
Kuar [Olof Dreijer rmx], Emmanual Jal
Balkan, Omiki
Here I come [Moods rmx], Izo Fitzroy + Moods
Running to stand still, U2 / Joshua Tree
Lips like sugar, Echo and the Bunnymen
Good man, Third Eye Blind / Out of the Vein
My friend, Groove Armada / Goodbye country, hello nightclub
Live and let die, 2Cellos

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

playlist for Feb. 18

song, artist / CD

Loungy Arabs, Excentrik / Now here nowhere
Stoned on war, Lemn Sissay and disJam
Talkin’ holy war blues, Ethan Daniel Davidson / Ring them bells
Let I go feat. Anthony Joseph, Mop mop / Isle of Magic
Pity the nation, Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Perfume laboratory, Lopazz
Tiwàyyen, Tinariwen / Elwan
Salib fuadi, Rasha / Maremagnum
Azara alhai, Rasha / Sudaniyat
Yosawya san, Omodaka
Hallelujah [Leonard Cohen], Sheku Kanneh-Mason
Another word for the new year, Molly Fisk
Redemption song, Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros
Get up stand up, Tutahi [Stand as One] / NZ musicians
Trump’s game of lies, Shakaboona / Prison Radio
Livin’ it, Martha Cinader [Victor Simonelli 8th dimension mix]
Revolution earth, B-52s / Good stuff
A tomorrow where the public has a say, Edward Snowden
Cricket and the genie, the Claypool Lennon Delirium / Monolith of Phobos
Foto viva, Mo' horizons
The Mummer’s Dance, Loreena McKennit / the Book of secrets
Cowboys and angels, George Michael

Sunday, February 12, 2017

playlist for Feb. 11

[Sat in this day for Lisa Luv]

song, artist / CD

Calor calor, La Troba Kung-Fú / Clavell Morenet
Mundo uaka, Gertrudis v. Toy Selectah / Mas Achilifunk
Bar la rumba, Ai ai ai / Los Més Gran del Mon!
The INS, Zavala / Fantasmas
Tempered, Kim Manning / Space Queen
Let him go 2016, Animotion / Raise your expectations
Shake, Shook Twins
Machs einfach, 2raumwohnung / Es wird morgen
They want more, Ages and ages / Something to ruin
Mushroom hunter, Animal eyes / Where we go
Stoned immaculate, Jim Morrison / An American prayer
America (where have you gone), Aaron Ford / Where have you gone
#Live Haka supports Standing Rock
Birth of a Nation [trailer]
Vibes dub, the Dubba Dubs / Seed
Man up feat. Droop Lion
Ganja, Israel Vibration / Play it real
Collapser, Kid Koala / Music to draw: satellite
All my loving, the Beatles
Strange powers, the Magnetic Fields / 69 Love songs
Morning in the Zanskar Valley, Buddhist Nuns at Chuchikjall / Tibetan Pujas
Babyblues, Y'akoto
Water, Inna Modja / Motel Bamako

Sunday, February 5, 2017

playlist for Feb. 4

song, artist / CD

Bhindi Bhagee, Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros / Global Agogo
Barcelona, La Troba Kung-Fú / A la Panxa del Bou [Catalan: In the belly of the ox]
Bust a move, Young MC
Russel Brand, Political stasis [Democracy Now]
Sex on the streets, Pizzaman [aka Fatboy Slim]
Khalid Latif, Secret Life of Muslims
Loungy Arabs, E x c e n t r i k / Now here nowhere
The duel, Karl Denson / Tiny Universe
Free your mind, En vogue / Funky Divas
Hard day on the planet, Loudon Wainwright III
A brain AND a uterus, from the film Anita [trailer]
Ella’s song, Sweet Honey in the Rock
Asian women behind the wheel, Ali [pron. alley] Wong / Baby Cobra
Intercepted, voice of Jeremy Scahill :: Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras
Respect, Aretha Franklin / Live in Philadelphia, 1972
Soldier, Destiny’s Child / Destiny fulfilled
The Virus; A Tribe called Red, Saul Williams &amp; the Chippewa Travelers
Whitey on the moon, Gil Scott-Heron / Small talk at 125th and Lenox
Burundi, Saul Williams / MartyrLoserKing
Beyond Vietnam, Martin Luther King Jr. (4/4/67)
It’s gonna rain, Earl Thomas / Plantation songs
Me and Paul, Willie Nelson / Yesterday’s Wine
Bad dads, bad moms; Ali (“Alley”) Wong / Baby Cobra
Disco boy, Frank Zappa / Zoot allures
Merchants of Doubt [trailer]
To serve your country, Edward Snowden [trailer]
Exit inside, the Angelcy / Exit inside

Saturday, January 21, 2017

playlist for Jan. 21

Rattlesnake Jake and Sunshine Magick asked me to sub, so I broadcast 6 hours today. 
song, artist / CD

3 am eternal, the KLF
Song of the trees, John Trudell
Justice, Dumpstaphunk + Trombone Shorty
No banker left behind, Ry Cooder / Pull up some dust and sit down
Who’s the criminal? and 
Days of the theocracy, [both by] Anne Feeney / If I can’t dance
Root beer stand in Afghanistan, Sonnet Cottage / Another time
Great spirit, Nahko & Medicine for the people / Hoka
We are in crisis, Cannupa Hanska Luger :: [article]
Yama-witty [good spirit] / Original Custodians of Australia Support Standing Rock
Maori Stand with Standing Rock [Haka]
Sophie Cruz, speaking today in Washington DC
Peace train, Yusuf Islam [formerly known as Cat Stevens] / Teaser and the firecat
Talkin' about a Revolution, Tracey Chapman
Rattlesnake Jake phoned in from San Francisco
Beyond Vietnam, Science in Disguise
Make America great again, Delfeayo Marsalis + the Uptown Jazz Orch.
Fight back, Lillian Allen / Revolutionary tea party
Slow down feat. Mentor, Some of the Truest / Herb-N-Warfare
Science of a new time, Goddess Alchemy Project / Frequencies .. motherland
A woman’s worth, Alicia Keys / Songs in A minor
Dancing on the ruins of multi-national corporations, Casey Neill / Riffraff
The revolution starts now, Steve Earle
Bing bing bong bong, From Backwards
Non-conformists' oath, Steve Martin
I will survive, Gloria Gaynor
Agolo, Angelique Kidjo / Aye
Beyond Vietnam [excerpt], Martin Luther King, Jr.
Revolutionary tea party, Lillian Allen
Muhammad Ali, George Carlin / Class clown
Jon Stewart interviews George Carlin

While I grabbed a bite, my pal B'anna played
    ⁃    With a little help from my friends, Joe Cocker
    ⁃    I dig love, George Harrison
    ⁃    Sweetest love, Ashik
    ⁃    Sweet thing, Van Morrison
    ⁃    Call me the breeze, JJ Kale
    ⁃    Mr. King, Donna and the Buffalo, and
    ⁃    Ship of fools, Grateful Dead.

Just another nervous wreck, Supertramp / Breakfast in America
Make america great again, Pussy Riot
Won’t get fooled again, the Who
Isabella VanderHeiden phoned in a report from Eureka
Amerika, Rammstein / Reise, reise
Haka at Standing Rock
People get ready, Curtis Mayfield / Berlin Sessions
Everything changes, Antonia Lamb
To serve your country, Edward Snowden
Smiles on faces feat. KBong, Stick Figure / Set in stone
Contrary notions, Michael Parenti [books]
Arms of America; Lester Fries, Tony Nester and Randy Rulan
A change would do you good, Sheryl Crow
Get down, Tiësto, Tony Junior / Get down
Good noise, John Gorka / Out of the valley
Dominance hierarchies, Terence McKenna
Trumpty Dance, From Backwards
Your racist friend, They might be Giants / Flood
Destroying to save, Arbouretum / The gathering
History of compassion, Howard Zinn
Sunset sunrise, Grace Jones / Hurricane
My friend, Groove Armada / Goodbye country, hello nightclub
I’m free, Morgan King / Global underground 009 SF

Saturday, January 7, 2017

playlist for Jan. 7

song, artist / CD

Cumbia infierno, La Troba Kung-fú
Rumbera, Systema Solar / Rumbo a tierra
Squirrel joke, Reggie Watts
Thick ass stout, Skankin’ Pickle
Commit a crime, Rolling Stones / Blue and lonesome
Before BP (The war is on for your mind), Greyhounds / Change of pace
Brainwash, Tom Fire / Hôtel Costes 15
La Perla, Gallant
You learn, Alanis Morissette / Jagged little pill
Imagina, Gertrudis / Politica de verbena
I’ll be around, Joan Osborne
Father figure, by George Michael: covered by Noah Guthrie
Dennis McKenna, interviewed by Art Bell
Sensimilla, Seeed, New Dubby Conquerors
Dog years [Rob W mix], Maggie Rogers
Standing Rock update from Candita Rodriquez Kingbird
When was America great?, Edward Snowden
Julian’s in prison, Holly Tannen / 3 songs for Julian
Follow your arrow, Kacey Musgraves / Same trailer different park
Snow globe, Berel Alexander
In the castle of my skin, Sons of Kemet
Demon in disguise, David Bromberg
20th century man, the Kinks / Muswell Hillbillies