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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Playlist for Feb. 23, 2008

Song, Artist / CD (included when noted)

Canned heat, Jamiroquai / Synkronized
Objection overruled, Gregory Isaacs / Night Nurse
So lonely, Gregory Isaacs / Spirits in the Material World
Every little thing she does is magic, Ali Campbell / Spirits in the Material World
Walking on the moon, Police, Live! / (Boston, 1979)
King of pain, Police / Synchronicity (1983)
Wicked game, Chris Isaak / Heart-shaped world
It’s not that complicated, Outpost / Cracks in the Pavement
Sacramento, Deep Dish / George is on
Flashdance, Deep Dish / George is on
Dreams (feat. Stevie Nicks), Deep Dish / George is on
Hip Kit, Les Rita Mitsouko / Re
Marcia Baila, Les Rita Mitsouko / Re
C’est comme ça, Les Rita Mitsouko / Re
Don’t forget the night, Les Rita Mitsouko / Re
Afrocuban dream, Changuito / Telegrafía sin hilo
Palolo, Ka’au Crater Boys / Valley style
Hoop dancer, Nicholas 2Feathers Iris / Solo live maui

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