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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Playlist for January 3

Song, Artist / CD

Grounds for Divorce, Elbow
Cappuccino, The Knux / Remind me in three days
Sexy boy, Air
Reel "en su salsa", Matto Congrio / Planet Soup
On the border, Al Stewart / [LP:] Year of the cat
Get ready, Rare Earth
Aerodynamic, Daft Punk
Longest dream, Timber Vella
a Saudi wedding song, Jeddah Legend
Journey revealed, Ganga Clamoungou / Kalass
None shall pass, Aesop Rock
Days of the Theocracy, Anne Feeney / If I can't dance
Katariina, Värttinä / Planet Soup
Young folks, Peter, Björn & John, feat. Victoria Bergsman
Sex on the streets, Pizzaman [aka Fatboy Slim]
Money, Flying Lizards
Venom wearing denom, Junior Brown
Ka'olu, Kalae Miles / Ho'opono
Papa's got a brand new bag, James Brown
Du hast, Rammstein
Linda Nena, Juaneca y su combo

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