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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Playlist for Apr. 11

song, artist / CD

L'Accordéoniste, Edith Piaf
The Brazilian hipster, Fort Knox Five
Kingdom of rust, Doves / Kingdom of rust
French taunter, Monty Pyton / Holy Grail
Grapevine, Fishbelly Black
Canción Protesta, Aterciopelados
Price of Silence, various artists
Más, Kinky / Kinky
Picnic in the summertime, Deee Lite / Dewdrops ..
What I like about you, The Romantics
Push up, Freestylers
Cowboys are frequently secretly fond of each other, Willie Nelson
Rock the Casbah, the Clash
Do not tickle me, Dane Cook
Du hast, Rammstein
Pussycat meow, Deee Lite / Infinity within
Happy up here, Röyksopp / Junior
Inflation, The Whitest boy alive
Angel Face, Michael Black
Sunshine superman, Donovan
Ya mulemau, Joe Arroyo
Freestylers, Bomfunk MCs
Grapevine, Roger Troutman
Stand by me, various artists; check out this link

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