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Monday, July 6, 2009

Playlist for July 4

song, artist / CD

Selling the drama, Live / Throwing copper
C'mon and ride it, Quad city DJs / Get on up and dance
Escalator out of order, Mitch Hedberg
Margherita, Marco Borsato
Lief klein konijntje, Ichelle van Alem [live from the Netherlands]
Needle stuck on Lebanon, Checkpoint 303
No màs, Zona Marginal, Rough guide to Urban Latino
Starlight, Supermen Lovers
Lightning crashes, Live / Throwing copper
Etla min dol, Tamer Hosni
Alright, Unforscene/ Fingers and thumbs
Madeenti, Palestinian Rapperz
Gaza calling, Checkpoint 303
Can you feel it, The Jacksons / Triumph
El piba de mi barrio, Dr. Kràpula / RG to Urban Latino
Emergency brake lever, Mitch Hedberg
Bag lady, Erykah Badu / Mama's gun
Here I am (come and take me), Al Green / Call me
P.H.A.T.W.A., the Narcicyst
Electric Avenue, Eddy Grant
Zipper it up, Mitch Hedberg
Aerodynamic, Daft Punk
Luv deluxe, Cinnamon Chasers
La femme d'argent, Air / Moon safari

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