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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Playlist for Feb. 20

Interview with 3 members of the 7-man, Arcata-based reggae band,
Synrgy: Brian Zack, Jay Keyz & Christian Joao
. Peep their website.

, artist / CD

Battle cry, Welfare poets & Rebel Diaz
Boom shinga ling, Oojami / Boom shinga ling
I am resistance, Rico Pabon & Agua Libre
Adelita, Trio Mocotó / Samba rock
Inflation, the Whitest boy alive
Gonna change my way of thinking, Bob Dylan & Mavis Staples / Gotta serve somebody
3 songs by Synrgy, from their new CD / Live and love:
  1. Live and love
  2. Tell me why
  3. Good dog down
Look into my eyes, Outlandish / Closer than veins
There stands the glass, Ted Hawkins / The next hundred years
Do not tickle me, Dane Cook
Stop to love, Luther Vandross / Give me the reason
Polaris, Bostich / Rough guide to urban latino
Shot in the back of the head, Moby / Wait for me
Canción protesta, Aterciopelados / Oye!
Elijah rock (shout! shout!), Earl Thomas / Plantation gospel
Alright, Unforscene

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