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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Playlist for May 1

song, artist / CD

Relax, Frankie goes to Hollywood
Jetstreams, Cinnamon Chasers
Ribs out, Fuck Buttons / Street Horrrsing
Baila Me (intro), Gypsy Kings
Holiday, Dizzee Rascal / Tongue n cheek
いいんですか? (Is everything ok?), Radwimps
Gone daddy gone, Gnarls Barkley
Tomatoes, Mitch Hedberg
Paper planes, MIA / Kala
Quand es-ce qu'on arrive (When do we arrive), Balkan Beat Box
Cay's crays, Fat Freddy's Drop / Based on a true story
Francesa, Roy Harper
Ganesh is fresh, MC Yogi
Put it on again, Bob Marley rmx Groove Corp. / Remixes fm the Elephant House, v. 1
Blue (Ba da bee), Eiffel 65
The tyranny of ducks, Eddie Izzard
Tudo bem, Trio Mocotó / Samba rock
Earth people, Dimensional Holofonic Sound
El lado mas bestia de la vida, Albert Plá / Cover the world
Macomé, Holger Hiller, Rough guide to urban latino
We will not go down (Song for Gaza)
, Michael Heart
The rain don't last forever, Hope
At ease, Mitch Hedberg
Joy, Apollo 100
The snake and the moon, Dead can dance / Spiritchaser

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