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Friday, December 30, 2011

Playlist for Nov. 5

song, artist / CD

Ena akhiyan noo
, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan / Dub Qawwali
Don't follow the guru, Ganga Giri
No no keshagesh, Buffy Sainte-Marie / Running for the drum
Down on bennies, Kleptones / 24 Hours
We want peace, Lenny Kravitz & Kadim Al-Sahir / check out this website
N. American scum, LCD Soundsystem / Sound of Silver
Phoner to Arizona, Gorillaz / The Fall
The Mambo craze, De-Phazz / Rasa: Exotica
The Final straw, REM / OneGoodMove
Zombie, Cranberries
The preacher and the slave, Utah Phillips
Police brutality, Antioquia
The revolution will not be televised, Gil Scot Heron
Clandestino, Manu Chao
Talkin' about a revolution, Tracy Chapman
Telegraph Rd., Dire Straits
Beyond Vietnam, Science in Disguise
Vencer o morir, Asilo 38 / Rough guide Urban Latino
Zippy, Michael Smith / Tales from the tavern v. 1

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