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Saturday, December 15, 2012

playlist for Dec. 15

song, artist / CD

An artist prayer, Fertile ground / Black is ...
Soul purpose, Nightmares of wax / In a space outta sound
Queen vs. Satan, DJ Lobster Dust
Would that not be nice, Divine Fits / A thing called divine fits
Pushing blocks, Rhombus
Sunshine, Matisyahu
Hietsuki bushi, Omodaka
Music video orchestra, Omodaka
Ding, Seeed
Sunman, Animal Eyes
You're not alone, Olive
Knights of shame, Awolnation / Megalithic symphony
Let me clear my throat, DJ Kool
Telegraph Rd., Dire Straits
Devon, Grimes
Family Felony rmx, Dj Ignite feat. Camo Cowboys
Dog days are over, Florence and the Machine
Moving, Macaco

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