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Saturday, July 19, 2014

playlist for July 19

Price of silence, a re-mix of Cancion Protesta by Aterciopelados / Oyé
Ana ma fiye, Najwa Karam
Wikileaks samba, Sonic Disobedience
Sinsemilla feat. Denyo, Seeed / New dubby conquerors
Streets O Ramallah, Checkpoint 303
Modern prophit, Nicholas Eyeris / Synchroneyes Symbols
Young man in America, Anais Mitchell
Woman, John Lennon
Persian love song, Lisa Gerrard / Mirror pool
Ya basta, Anne Feeney / Dump the bosses off your back
Agra the emerald mix feat. Paul Horn, Cheb i Sabbah
Slingshot Hiphop, Palestinian Rapperz
Which side are you on, Rebel Diaz
Risk it, Nahko & Medicine for the People / Dark as Night
Why we build the wall feat. Greg Brown, Anais Mitchell / Hadestown
Toad, Cream
The victim gets the blame, Anne Feeney / Union Maid
Israelites, Desmond Dekker & the Aces
Palestine will be free, Maher Zain / Thank you Allah
We will not go down, Michael Heart

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