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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Playlist for Nov. 21

song, artist / CD

Serengeti, Chris Gilles / Continuum
Polaris, Bostich
Sweet thing, Van Morrison / Astral weeks
Pole flip, Nicholas 2Feathers Iris / World bridger
Ta buena, Marcos Carrera / 100% Merengue de la calle
Gotta get up every morning, Junior Brown
In-a-gadda-da-vida, Iron Butterfly
Spirit rap, Astarius
Love addiction, Sparlha Swa / In the distance
If I ever lose my faith in you, Sting
Spoiled brats of the ruling class, Anne Feeney
Let's make a dope deal, Cheech and Chong / Big BambĂș
Speaking in tongues III, Sheila Chandra / Moonsung
Change my name to Bill, Nicholas 2Feathers Iris
Bangs, They might be giants (TMBG)/ Mink car
Business time, Flight of the Conchords
Cat's under the stars, Jerry Garcia
Istanbul (not Constantinople), TMBG / Severe time damage
Sol, Kinky
Give peace a chance, (John Lennon 's) Plastic Ono Band

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