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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Playlist for Oct. 24

song, artist / CD

Bongos, bleeps and basslines
, Zero dB / [song = CD name]
Jique, Brazilian girls / Talk to La Bomb
Papirossen in Gan Eden, Zydepunks / Finisterre
Welcome to Montego Bay, Queen Ifrika / Montego Bay
Legalize it, Sublime / Hempilation
Different light, Steve Winwood
Green light, Vanessa Marie
El Hechizo de Babilonia, Luís Delgado / [song = CD name]
Anything goes, Herb Alpert / [song = CD name]
Deeper shade of soul, Urban dance squad
Ruby don't take your love to town, Cake
Esma Yalli, Hakim / Desert Roses and Arabian rhythms
Conga madness, Zero dB / Bongos, bleeps and basslines
Shadows of ourselves, Thievery Corp. / Sounds Eclectical
Bed's too big without you, Inner circle / Spirits of the material world
Calvin, John Spencer blues explosion, Acme
Kash under glass, Bongzilla / Amerijuanican
Bandy bandy, Zap Mama / Ancestry in progress
National health care now, Anne Feeney / Union maid
Lollypop rmx, Squeak E. Clean
Clandestino, Manu Chao
Cumbia de los muertos, Ozomatli / Latin groove

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